A Guide to the Professional Cleaner Training

How to train employees for my cleaning businessAre you in the early days of developing a successful cleaning business? After you’ve hired a new addition to your team, your next step should be to implement an elaborate employee training strategy. This will make sure that the whole team follows necessary safety precautions and best practices. Ultimately, only proficient cleaners will be able to keep clients happy, so the effort you put into employee training does pay off big time.

If you take advantage of one of the booming work from home franchise opportunities, you’ll learn how to train your cleaning employees without missing a beat. You can also read on to find out some practical expert tips on designing your training program and boosting your staff’s morale.

How to train employees for my cleaning business?

Here are the steps to creating a dependable employee training plan:

  • Set the bar high: Determine your standards of excellence and let your staff know that they’re expected to stick to it. Developing a detailed cleaning checklist for the cleaners to follow is helpful in establishing a common ground. If the whole team’s on the same page from the get-go, you’ll accomplish consistent quality more easily.
  • Ensure proper use of cleaning supplies: The crew should operate their cleaning equipment confidently and accurately to ensure maximum efficiency. It’s especially important to teach the staff how to handle cleaning products safely.
  • Recognize and resolve issues: Monitor your employees’ performance and keep track of client feedback. This will help you pinpoint possible areas of improvement. You’ll then nip issues in the bud by being proactive and instructing your employees accordingly.
  • Instruct the staff on customer care: Apart from cleaning prowess, maids should ideally possess good people skills and a pleasant demeanor. Provide the cleaners on your team with practical tips for dealing with potentially tricky situations and difficult customers.

How do you motivate your cleaning staff?

The key to leading a prosperous company isn’t only in keeping your customers happy – your staff’s happiness plays into it in a major way, too. Losing a trained, competent worker can be a big blow to your business. Try these strategies to keep on the good side of your employees:

  • Give praise: Everyone likes feeling appreciated. Give recognition where it’s due and implement a reward system.
  • Be respectful: Handle difficult conversations tactfully. If you have reason to believe that the employee’s performance has been faltering, bring it up carefully and with no one else around.
  • Be fair and consistent: Trust is a two-way street. See every promise through, whether it’s about a raise, work schedules, or another matter.
  • Be approachable: Hear your staff out and show them that you care for their happiness. Try to accommodate their request to the best of your ability.

Where do I find profitable work from home franchise opportunities?

How do you motivate your cleaning staffMaidThis Franchise is a flourishing cleaning company franchise that trains and supports franchisees as they climb their way to the top. Not only can you launch your cleaning business with minimum startup costs, but you can also do it from the comfort of your home. Our franchisees stay on top of their workload using a sleek, dependable online platform.

You’ll get an initial round of training, where you’ll learn how to deal with cleaner selection, how to handle cleaning complaints, what insurance coverage you need, and other facets of daily business operations. On top of this, our experts will check in regularly to keep you updated on the latest developments in the industry and help straighten out any dilemmas you may have.

Reach out to us today to kickstart your cleaning business and you’ll soon be a successful entrepreneur in your own right. We’d love to be a part of your success story!


Cleaner Vetting Process: What You Need to Know

How do I find employees for my cleaning businessYour employees are the face of your cleaning business, so you have to make sure that they are true experts who stand out for their expertise, dedication, and background. But how do you know if a candidate’s qualities and skills align with your business? Your recruitment process should be carefully designed to identify the candidates who’ll fit your vision for the company.

Read on to find out how to conduct employee screening and make the right call every time. If you decide to take one of the excellent work at home franchise opportunities, you’ll get additional guidance on proper recruitment practices. Become a confident recruiter and work with a team you can wholeheartedly stand behind.

How do I find employees for my cleaning business?

Where should you begin your recruitment process? It’s advisable to take advantage of different online options to advertise a job opening, including:

  • Job boards: Job posting sites, like Craigslist, Glassdoor, Adzuna, and Indeed, are very practical and often free to use. These popular job search platforms let you create and post your ad in a simple and easy way, with thousands of job seekers gaining instant access to it. Write a detailed job description, be upfront about your requirements, and clearly emphasize the benefits you offer to capture the candidates’ attention.
  • Social media: Put your company’s social media profiles to good use. You and other employees could also share job vacancies on your personal profiles, too, and get an even better reach. LinkedIn is the natural choice but using Facebook or Twitter could be just as effective.
  • Optimize your ad: Increase the visibility of your ad by following useful SEO practices. To grab the attention of prospective candidates, you could try sprinkling the ad with suitable keywords, giving it a simple title that the candidates are likely to search for word-for-word, boosting readability with bullet points and shorter paragraphs, etc.

How do I hire an employee for a cleaning business?

Once you have resumes rolling in, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the quantity and underwhelmed with the quality of the applications. Here’s how to hand pick the best candidates:

  • Are they friendly and pleasant? What’s your hunch when you’re talking to the person? If you feel at ease in their presence and they come off as trustworthy, the chances are that your clients will perceive them the same way. Many cleaning companies do both phone and in-person interviews to get to know their candidates better.
  • Do they have relevant experience? Although it’s advisable for you to conduct training sessions for your new hires and make sure that they follow all guidelines you deem necessary, it’s always preferable to hire seasoned experts. Some cleaning business owners only ask for references while others also conduct candidate testing.
  • Do they inspire trust? Performing a criminal and other background checks is a staple of every cleaner recruitment process. Since house and vacation rental cleaning involves handling clients’ possessions, you want to ensure that the individual you hire is reliable.
  • Are they responsible, thorough, and punctual? There are many character traits that you can glean from a simple application and interview. It’s unlikely that a candidate will live up to your expectations if they have a slapdash resume, are late to the interview, or unresponsive to your calls and emails.

What’s one of the best work at home franchise opportunities?

How do I hire an employee for a cleaning businessIf you’re hoping to join a thriving cleaning business franchise, check out the MaidThis Franchise. We are in the vanguard of the cleaning industry thanks to our streamlined operations, global team, and extensive expertise.

As our franchisee, you can stay in touch with other team members, manage your cleaners, and communicate with clients via our sophisticated software from anywhere in the world. You can count on comprehensive training as well as steady guidance and support throughout your rise to success.

Do you shudder to think of having to resolve client complaints on your own? Are you worried about obtaining the right insurance coverage for your cleaning business? With MaidThis Franchise, the particulars of running your company are no cause for concern because you’ll have access to proven strategies and the backing of a stable system. Contact us now!