How to Set up a Vacation Rental Cleaning Business

Every holiday season presents an attractive opportunity for homeowners to increase their income by renting out their summer lodges, guesthouses, or mansions, while they reside in a different location. This is especially true for suburban residents, as it’s a known way to save money on the annual upkeep.

How to start a vacation rental cleaning business?

Likewise, if you are already trying to break through in the rental cleaning and maintenance industry, this is an excellent way to expand your business to vacation rentals. With so many tourist attractions in the city and the vicinity, purchasing a vacation rental franchise is a clever way to invest your money in Phoenix, AZ. Read on to find out more about what you need to launch a holiday house cleaning venture. 

How to start a vacation rental cleaning business?

Under the assumption that you have chosen to specialize in the upkeep of Airbnb and vacation rentals, you’ve already set out a particular strategy for yourself. To move further and cut to the chase, follow these simple steps: 

1. Establish a thorough to-do list. A comprehensive plan of action is always of use. When your cleaners arrive at a particular rental, it’s best to follow a standard cleaning checklist to provide consistency. This is how you will waste less time and resources and you’ll be able to prepare for new tasks if necessary. 

2. Set up a budget and pricing for your services. Besides covering the hourly fees for your cleaners, your budget should always include costs for supplies. Make sure you don’t forget to set aside the money for taxes. You can set up an hourly rate. Normally, you can choose a competitive hourly rate in comparison to residential cleaning. 

3. Obtain licenses, permits, and insurance plans. To be on the safe side, it’s best to fulfill all the legal requirements when you launch your business. You also want to make sure that your team members are insured and bonded. By doing this, you secure yourself a good reputation among property owners and tenants, as they can be sure that their property is 100% safe. 

4. Invest in clever marketing tactics to reach property owners. Good advertising is always a smart investment. It’s usually wise to start off by setting up a business profile on social networks. If you’re not sure what is the best way to use social media for your business, you can always try to copy other brands or competitors or get advice from experts. 

5. Ensure client satisfaction and expand your business. Your success depends on the performance of your staff, and they depend on your leadership. If hosts and tenants are happy with the results of every session, you are likely to earn yourself a name in the wider community. You can also ask property owners to be included on your reference list.

How to join a lucrative vacation rental franchise business in Phoenix, AZ?

How to join a lucrative vacation rental franchise business in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you are just preparing to take a leap into the unknown, or you are an active participant in the booming cleaning industry, you might still face difficulties with some aspects of the whole process. Let MaidThis Franchise help you with that. If you don’t know how to start a residential cleaning company or how to properly advertise your cleaning business, don’t look far, but join us today to become a part of our international cleaning brand. 

If you’re running your business as a part of a vacation rental franchise, you wouldn’t have to commute to run a successful business in Phoenix. Save your precious time and pay a visit to one of the exhibits at the Phoenix Art Museum. We shall provide you with a wide array of tools and skills to facilitate the growth of your business and revenue. As a member of our worldwide family of franchisees, you can be sure to achieve outstanding results. Contact MaidThis Franchise today to seize the opportunity to enjoy an exciting journey. 


8 Tips on Starting a House Cleaning Business

Doing daily chores is rarely an easy task for anyone, although one might argue that it doesn’t require much skill. This is why there’s always room for rewarding business opportunities in the residential maintenance industry. You also have other good reasons to dive into it these days, from low up-front costs to large and steady market demand. 

Whether you are eager to start independently, become a part of a cleaning franchise in Phoenix, AZ or anywhere else in the county, or would like to know how to tap into the vacation rental cleaning market, you would need to break down the process in some easy-to-remember steps. Read on to get the know-how and make yourself ready for your venture. 

How to start a house cleaning business? 

Before you sWhere can you purchase a cleaning franchise opportunity in Phoenix, AZ et it off, it’s wise to talk with someone who already has some experience in the industry and check out the potential competitors. After this initial phase, to get you properly started, consider the following guidelines: 

1. Create a clear business strategy. Research and prepare for all possible scenarios. You can always start by asking yourself the following relevant questions: 

  • What will the service entail? What type of house cleaning will you specialize in?
  • Which types of communities will you focus on?  
  • How would you find staff? Would you do some of the cleaning yourself?
  • What kinds of risks and challenges should you expect?

2. Set a budget. To achieve success as a business owner, always estimate possible costs to replace equipment, hiring and payroll expenses, and don’t forget to set aside funds for taxes and insurance. You might also seek to finance your venture by taking out a business loan. 

3. Choose a name. If you aspire to build a brand name, keep the following checklist in mind: 

  • The name should accurately describe your business.
  • It should be easy to spell and memorable.
  • Make sure it’s not already in use. 
  • It should also sound good and catchy, so you can imagine using it even in a couple of years.

4. Consider licencing options. To start a business and register your company name, you would need to apply for a business license and pay a fee. Usually, smaller business owners choose either LCC (Limited Liability Company) or DBA (Doing Business As). This will determine how you would pay taxes, so make sure not to skip this step. If necessary, you can also get advice from your local legal entity.  

5. Purchase necessary equipment. Make a comprehensive list. Your staff will need protective gloves, sponges, mops, towels, scrubbers, to name a few. You can decide whether to purchase more eco-friendly products or chemicals that would allow for deep cleaning. Also, determine the best practices when it comes to sanitization of equipment between two appointments.

6. Find ways to maintain the trust of your clients. Referrals and references are a proven way to earn a good reputation in the community. Of course, this shouldn’t be your only option in finding new clients, but focusing on building rapport is key to paving the way to success. Think of some special service add-ons that you can offer to your clients that will set you apart from the competition. 

7. Invest in marketing. To remain a strong player in the market, you should find ways to develop a clever marketing plan to keep you ahead of the competition. Sometimes relying on client referrals would suffice to get you started. 

Although it is advisable to have a full website someday, knowing how to set up profiles on social media for your business is crucial to keep you visible in the long run. Begin with simply opening a business page on Facebook. This should be sufficient to keep your customers updated and your contact information visible. 

8. Use every opportunity to learn and improve. Pay special attention to feedback from your clients and staff. Initial setbacks and challenges might be inconvenient, but you shouldn’t give up. Employ specialized software to help you organize and set up a payment platform to accept credit card payment.  

To ensure you are cut out for the work, take your time until you tick every box on the list. Given the fact that you have already done detailed research, a well written to-do list will give you a positive outlook at most difficult times. 

Where can you purchase a cleaning franchise opportunity in Phoenix, AZ?

How to start a house cleaning business?

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the cleaning industry is thriving. This also means that there is a lot of competition going on. This might lead you to be hesitant about taking these first steps on your own. Fortunately, there is an easy solution. When you buy a cleaning franchise, you are already one step ahead of competitors and have a chance to reach more clients.

At MaidThis Franchise you will receive all the necessary information and guidance so that you may get the ball rolling in no time. You will learn everything you need to boost your daily performance and facilitate your business operations. We’re always available for all your questions during your learning process, as your success is in our mutual interest. 

If you are an aspiring beginner or a savvy entrepreneur that aims for more advantage in the industry, we’re here to lend you a helping hand. Reach us today to become a part of our success story!