5 Effective Ways to Get Sales Leads for Your Cleaning Business

Being an entrepreneur in the upkeep industry presents you with various opportunities to make sales. For example, landlords frequently need someone to clean their holiday homes in between tenants. This presents a great chance to offer your services, or to specialize in vacation rentals. Also, it’s a valid reason to join a franchise in Tucson or elsewhere in Arizona. 

However, it’s likely you’ll need new clients, but you just can’t seem to have a good insight into the market. Read on to learn how to get some useful sales leads to further and improve your cleaning business

How do I get leads for my cleaning business?Where can I apply for a profitable vacation rental franchise in Tucson, AZ and the vicinity

Normally, maintenance providers invest a lot of money on lead generation services. While this is a legitimate way to find and reach prospective clients, it’s not the only option. To get your business on the map, consider the following methods without wasting a lot of money: 


Your initial marketing strategy can rely solely on referrals from your first couple of clients. If you have encountered clients that have a lot of connections, this can boost your customer base rapidly. In addition, asking homeowners, landlords, or tenants for referrals and reviews is a good way to test your approach and adapt. 

You can also ask your friends and relatives to help you out. You can ask them to recommend your services to their coworkers, distribute your business cards, or share your social media page or website. Your friends can also inform you about their experiences and any potential clients. 

Local newspapers

Although this idea might seem dated, local newspapers still play a significant role in finding clients. Other business owners still pay for ads in newspapers as they reach practically everyone in the community. Be on a lookout for new businesses opening in the area, send your business cards per email, or visit them in person. 

Local social media 

Don’t shy away from joining local Facebook groups, updating your Instagram or Twitter profile, or posting videos to YouTube. Whatever you do, try to remain active and post regularly, present yourself realistically, and take care to keep your followers and prospective clients informed and engaged. 

Create a lead magnet 

You want to capture the attention of your audience. Once they visit your website, think of something interactive, so that you capture some of their information. For example, you can offer a free estimate form for your service, or a query about different products or supplies. Also, try to make the content on your website relevant for the target audience, so that you would be able to market your services down the road.  

Cold calling

While you can conduct in-house visits every now and then, listing a phonebook and finding a list of local offices, labs, daycare centres, or private schools, is necessary if you wish to specialize in commercial maintenance. Set up a meeting and check whether there are opportunities for you to join in. 

How do I get leads for my cleaning businessWhere can I apply for a profitable vacation rental franchise in Tucson, AZ and the vicinity?  

Reaching new clients and expanding your business can be quite challenging if you don’t have previous experience. If you specialize in holiday rentals, you can count on expert help from MaidThis Franchise. By becoming a member of our family, you will receive comprehensive training, help in devising a detailed business plan, support in your administrative work, and a brand name that will easily put your cleaning business on the map

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7 Tips to Boost Your Cleaning Business

The ever-growing upkeep industry offers numerous opportunities for capable entrepreneurs. Despite potential challenges, you don’t have to make a large investment to reap a quick return. 

Whether you’re new to the industry or you wish to improve your established cleaning company, joining a popular franchise in Tucson could be your ticket to success. There are also other ways to boost your business, increase profit, and reach more clients. Keep on reading to learn how!

How can I improve my cleaning business?How can I improve my cleaning business

If you’re already a business owner, you have an idea how to make it big in the cleaning industry and know the importance of a thorough business plan. However, there’s always room for improvement, and you should adapt your marketing strategies, update your supplies, or even consider specializing in a specific area. Let’s take a look at ways you can improve your business:

Find your niche

Since you have  already entered the market, you need to find a way to stand out from your competitors. Do some research and identify areas with increasing demand for maintenance services. Pick a specific branch of business, be it residential, commercial, industrial, move-out, or post-construction maintenance. Your chance lies in the field that isn’t properly covered by existing providers. 

Also, you could further customize your services or target a specific clientele. For example, you could focus on high-income families, single households, holiday houses, AirBnB apartments, or senior households. Interesting add-ons can serve as a good marketing tool that can make your business stand out from the crowd. 

Select the right candidates

Remember, your cleaners are the face of your company. You should therefore rely on stringent recruitment procedures, in order to gather the very best candidates. For example, here are some traits you should look for: 

  • Experienced and qualified in a variety of maintenance tasks.
  • Motivated to leave a job well done, with attention to detail
  • Eager to learn, accept feedback and improve accordingly
  • Client-focused and flexible, able to adapt to varying requirements.

Don’t forget to conduct a thorough vetting process in order to employ the most trustworthy candidates. By doing so, you will protect your reputation and maintain your client’s trust. 

Create a rewarding work environment

Make sure to cater to the needs of your employees, not only the requirements of your clients. Keep them motivated and let them share in your success. Surprise them a couple of times a year with interesting events. Think of a variety of benefits you can offer to show your appreciation for their hard work. This will reflect in the quality of the services your clients receive. 

Invest in training

The industry is in constant flux, so you should be vigilant of the upcoming changes. Keep all of your staff up to date with the newest technologies and changing trends. Also, invest in yourself, and continue to learn. Attend various courses and seminars that will keep you on the top of the game. 

Upgrade your products

Use specialized products and make sure to adapt to your clients. While you can purchase general supplies in the beginning, try to be more specific later. For example, purchase products for wooden floors, window frames, upholstery, or invest in professional vacuum cleaners. Provide your staff with adequate uniform and safety equipment to comply with all CDC standards

Invest in customer relationships

The first step is building awareness. Your target clients might already be aware of your business, so this is the foundation from which you should build your brand. Your approach should include recognition of the specific needs of your target audience, and you should build strategies that include: 

  • Customer retention
  • Customer support
  • Marketing to potential customers
  • Customer engagement

You can reap many benefits from CRM software, or by hiring or outsourcing these tasks to experienced professionals. 

Upgrade your network

Don’t miss the chance to exchange business cards and build relationships with reputable contractors, realtors, and property managers. Apart from sharing clientele, you can seize the opportunity to learn from other professionals. Enroll in conferences and other business events with your competitors, or join forces to become a part of a bigger brand. 

Online marketing is great, but can’t replace face-to-face communication. To become a household name, nourish bonds with local residents and show your gratitude for their trust. For instance, you can reach them through different programs, organize charity events, offer coupons or free services to certain vulnerable groups within the community, and so on. 

How can I join a successful cleaning company franchise that operates in Tucson and beyond?

How can I join a successful cleaning company franchise that operates in Tucson and beyond

Whether you live in Armory Park or anywhere else in Tucson and surrounding communities, starting a new business in the upkeep industry is hard without some guidance. 

This is why you should choose MaidThis Franchise. With us, you’ll have a strong brand name behind your back, an international team that can assist you in your day-to-day business, and get premium leads for your business venture. In addition, you can be located anywhere in the world and oversee your business remotely. 

This gives you numerous perks: you won’t have to worry about commuting, getting late to meetings, renting expensive office space, plus you’ll have more time for leisure, hobbies,  your family and friends. Contact us today to start a new chapter in your career, and become a part of our success!