Running a Cleaning Franchise Remotely: Part 2

Are there any disadvantages of working from home

When managing a vacation rental franchise in Las Vegas, your daily schedule can be packed with a variety of responsibilities. This can only complicate if your day-to-day routine involves constant commuting, eye-to-eye meetings and high utility expenses.

There are also other reasons why a lot of people choose to run their cleaning venture from home instead of in traditional office jobs. Here we’ll explore all the advantages of switching to your home office, so read on!

What are the benefits of working remotely?

Your primary goal could be just to maximize your financial benefits, but there are more to it than that. Consider  the following six perks when setting up your residential upkeep company from the comfort of your home: 

  1. Fewer expenses

You would spend less money on gas, tickets, clothes, coffee, and food. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about your car. Business owners don’t have to worry about high electric costs, rent of office space, etc. You can focus solely on investing in software, technology, 

2. Lesser carbon footprint

Big office buildings consume a lot of electricity, require designated parking space, and therefore are not considered environmentally friendly. You’ll do yourself and nature a favor by sticking to your home office. 

3. Better work-life balance

Working from home opens the door to a healthier lifestyle. You’re at much less risk of buying junk food for lunch when working from home. You will have more time for your hobbies, family, friends, and pets. Also, you’ll have more time for some quality sleep. 

4. Little-to-no-commute

There’s no need to spend hours on end stuck in traffic jams. Forget about the stress of getting late to meetings, relying on public transport, calling the cab, or finding nearby parking lots. 

5. Higher productivity rates

Can I become a part of a vacation rental franchise in Las Vegas, NV and beyond

Since remote work has become prevalent, companies and employees have reported an increase in productivity rates in general. You’ll be more efficient in handling a variety of tasks. This includes better results managing your team of cleaners or finding prospective clients.

6. Greater access to talent

As a business owner or HR specialist, you’d be able to pick any area in the world and find local professionals to join your team. Recruitment has never been easier, as the market became much more inclusive. However, you should check the local laws and regulations, and do some research first. 

Are there any disadvantages of working from home? 

Obviously, work at home isn’t equally suitable for everyone. Some people report difficulties staying motivated, feeling isolated, or disengaged. Also, some people might experience decreased work-life balance. The issue has been described as “inability to unplug”, or a conflation between the living area and workspace, leading to potential burnout. 

Fortunately, this can be reckoned with. Try the following strategies to overcome potential negative aspects of working from home:

  • Create a separate office space from the rest of your house
  • Respect your daily routine – have regular meals and exercise
  • Spend quality time with your family and friends
  • Remain curious: attend an online course and keep learning
  • Throw online team-building activities via Skype, Zoom, or Webex
  • Plan a vacation or go to a local resort for the weekend

Can I become a part of a vacation rental franchise in Las Vegas, NV and beyond?

What are the benefits of working remotely

When you want to find an efficient way for your business to prosper, it’s best to become a part of a successful network. If you need additional training, guidance, or assistance with daily operations and management, MaidThis Franchise is at your service. 

We’re here to help you set up your team while working remotely, wherever you live. We’ll also provide you with cutting-edge software, and put you on the map. Discover all the benefits your membership will bring. You’ll be able to use your free time to visit Hoover Dam or other attractions around Las Vegas. 

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Running a Cleaning Franchise Remotely: Part 1

How can I run a business from home successfullyStarting off a small independent business venture is exciting and challenging. When chosen wisely, you may find that the residential upkeep industry is the optimal choice for you. Given the low overhead costs, many entrepreneurs choose to walk down this path.

To make an effective head-start, you could be joining an established cleaning franchise in Las Vegas, or elsewhere. In the face of social distancing policies and the newest industry trends, this could be your ticket to success. 

However, can a complex thing like a franchise be managed from home?  Read on to find out!

Can you run a franchise remotely? 

Not so long ago, the very thought of starting a business was associated with at least a small physical office space. Necessity of remote work has brought many new opportunities to the table. 

It has become much easier to start, grow, and run a business without the necessity of in-person contact. The post-pandemic setting has brought forth some new requirements as well. 

How to prepare your remote cleaning franchise?

Recent studies have shown that some people might experience some difficulties when working from home. To maximize your performance when starting your business from home, make the following considerations:

How to prepare your remote cleaning franchise

  • Create a timetable. Have a daily, weekly and monthly schedule of activities. This will keep you on track and you’ll be able to have better control over your processes. 
  • Business location. Since you will lead and manage a team of cleaners from home, you should decide whether they would need a space for equipment, or some office space.  
  • Work attire. Even if your clients won’t see you, how you dress at home will have an impact on your work performance. This doesn’t have to be anything too strict, just ensure there’s a clear transition from pajamas to workwear. 
  • Create an office space. Make sure that you have everything you need: chair, table, laptop, or desktop computer, the right lighting, enough natural light. Also, include some items that will make the space cozy, but also remember to exclude distractions. 
  • Estimate your overhead costs. When working remotely, you’ll save on utilities and rent. However, you’ll still have to consider insurance, licences, supplies (products, equipment, clothing etc), marketing costs, and wages.  
  • Gather a team. Assess your needs and develop a recruitment plan that will meet the demand of the local market. Focus on experienced candidates and use various platforms to find them. Don’t forget to ask for referrals and run background checks. 

How can I run a business from home successfully?

The secret to success of your remote business lies in your general strategy and appropriate software. While established companies and franchises have stabile ongoing processes, there are additional considerations when you want to bring your company to the next level:

  • Agile approach to remote work
  • Use of digital cloud technologies
  • Timely policy and service updates

In order for your team members to be completely updated and that you seize all opportunities, your system should fulfill the following roles:

  • online account management
  • virtual invoice and payment tracking, 
  • group messaging and video conferencing. 

To summarize, you need to open for innovations, ready to provide training to your team members, and invest in tried and tested systems and software solutions. 

What is the best cleaning franchise to join in Las Vegas, or elsewhere in NV?

Can you run a franchise remotely

With many enterprises and hotels located in the Las Vegas Strip, there are seemlessly endless opportunities for business. The opportunities are even greater when you manage all your operations from the comfort of your home office, located anywhere in the world. 

For this to happen, you just need to become a part of a successful brand. Here at MaidThis Franchise, you can rely on a team of international experts to receive the necessary know-how and ongoing support in your day-to-day business. 

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