Supplies and Tools for Your Cleaning Business: A Complete List

Starting a cleaning business can be an exceptionally profitable venture. It’s also an excellent way to make money while working from home. However, in order for your business to be successful, you need to have the proper supplies and tools

While some companies in Salt Lake City expect clients to provide supplies, others rely on their employees to bring their own tool kit. Some business owners opt to join a cleaning franchise to meet their supply needs. Either way, it’s essential that you make the decision that’s best for your budget. 

Let’s outline a list of essential items that you will need to get started. Keep reading!

What cleaning supplies do I need to start a business?

Our business is based in Salt Lake City, UT. How easy can we join a profitable cleaning franchise

The answer really depends on the type of cleaning business you want to start. For example, if you want to launch an office cleaning company you will need different supplies than if you were launching a residential upkeep venture. For example: 

  • For residential upkeep, your kit may include items such as all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, furniture polish, scrub brushes, and rags. 
  • If you’re starting a carpet washing business you will need items such as a high-power vacuum cleaner, shampooer, and spot remover. 
  • For an office janitorial service, you’ll need cleaning agents, paper towels, and a mop.

To get started on building your cleaning supply kit we suggest taking inventory of what you already have. Here’s a list of general items you’ll need in all types of upkeep:

  •  mop and bucket 
  •  broom and dustpan 
  •  rubber gloves 
  •  trash bags
  •  couple of all-purpose and specialized products

How often do I need to renew my cleaning supplies? 

The answer is that it depends on how frequently you use them. For example, if you’re using all-purpose cleaner every day then you will need to restock your supply more often than if you were only using it once a week. Established companies usually  restock their supplies every two to three months. 

What tools and products do you need to clean professionally?

What cleaning supplies do I need to start a business

In order to clean professionally, you need the proper tools. This includes items such as:

  • a powerful vacuum cleaner; an energy-efficient and quality device that can go a long way, ensuring that the rooms are free of dust, grime, and mites. 
  • professional mop and bucket, with features that would allow better use of special products
  • window squeegees and other equipment that can help your employees leave streakless window panes and other glass surfaces. 
  • sturdy ladders, since you want your employees to tackle all surfaces with ease and safety. Alternatively, you can also purchase extension poles
  • protective gear, for example: rubber gloves, face masks, and goggles. This is especially important if you offer post-construction and industrial upkeep services. 

Established companies use a variety of specialized products. This way they can efficiently tackle different types of stains, dust, and grime. For example:

  • professional disinfectants, that comply with official EPA standards
  • kitchen degreasers
  • bathroom sanitizers
  • carpet shampooers
  • hardwood floor buffers
  • tile and grout detergents

Our business is based in Salt Lake City, UT. How easy can we join a profitable cleaning franchise? 

What tools and products do you need to clean professionally

Whether you’re located in Downtown Salt Lake City or in the suburbs, you know that the competition is tough. When putting yourself on the map, it’s important to stay ahead of trends in the industry and run your venture wisely, without delving into micromanagement. Fortunately, there’s a way to stay ahead of your competition and thrive. 

By joining MaidThis Franchise, you can open the doors to new opportunities. Our team will support you every step of the way and train you how to implement effective strategies. What’s more, you can run all of your operations from home, without wasting time on traffic jams. Fill in our online application form today and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


The Future of the Cleaning Industry: A Guide for Business Owners

How can I purchase a cost-effective cleaning franchise when living in Salt Lake City

The cleaning industry is growing rapidly, and there are many changes on the horizon. In fact, the market is only going to continue to grow in the years to come. New technologies and methods are constantly emerging, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. 

As a business owner, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. For various reasons you may consider joining a cleaning franchise, for instance when you’re located in the highly competitive market like Salt Lake City. In this blog post, you’ll learn some of the major changes that are happening in the maintenance world, and how you can prepare for them. Continue reading!

What is the future of cleaning? 

What should you expect from the industry in the foreseeable future? The cleaning industry is constantly changing and evolving. Here are some trends that will shape how you do business: 

Higher standards

Imagine you specialize in office maintenance; it’s crucial to hire screened and technically qualified staff in order to perform the required tasks. The maintenance process isn’t just about appearance anymore, but keeping the premises healthy, free of germs and allergens, and orderly. Another consequence of post-pandemic changes is that the focus shifted towards increased regulation and stricter guidelines for hygiene contractors and janitorial services. This is also true to a certain degree for residential and vacation rental maintenance, but most visible in commercial upkeep. 

Increased demandHow to prepare for new trends in the cleaning industry

You have to count on the fact that more and more people need house upkeep services. The market is booming and many companies seek opportunities to find new clients. Although this could sound like good news, you should be careful not to put your staff under too much pressure. Having a big portfolio of clients also brings additional opportunities and requires creative solutions. You’d have to:

  • Train your staff to perform the tasks efficiently and thoroughly
  • Revise upkeep checklists for different types of properties
  • Motivate your team, so that they’ll perform with diligence
  • Avoid ineffective management strategies, for example micromanaging your employees

Competitive market

In a highly competitive industry, you’d have to stay ahead of other companies in your area. The competition can be quite aggressive. More importantly, for the client, this means that they would be less likely to tolerate if your employee does a substandard job. You’d have to monitor your employees, but even more, keep track of your competitors. To avoid losing your customers and jeopardizing your reputation, follow in their footsteps. You’ll be able to learn from their mistakes and adopt their good practices.

Sustainability impact

More and more providers consider more environmentally friendly practices. As a business owner, you should know what types of supplies and equipment you need in order to meet these new requirements. For example:

  • You’ll have to purchase greener and natural products that don’t harm the environment
  • In order to decrease carbon footprint, your team can use eco-friendly means of transport or use energy efficient technologies for disinfection, vacuuming, dusting and other tasks
  • You’d have to figure out a way of doing business that doesn’t jeopardize future generations, for instance, re-use some of the supplies, recycle, and save.

How to prepare for new trends in the cleaning industry?

As a business owner, it’s important to stay up-to-date with new trends in the cleaning industry. This will help you to stay ahead of the competition and adapt your business accordingly. 

  • One way to do this is to join a professional organization that can provide you with access to resources, education, and networking opportunities. 
  • Another way to stay informed about new trends is to read industry-related news articles, reviews, professional publications, and to follow influential business owners.
  • Think outside of the box and find potential areas where your business can thrive, or experiment with some new marketing strategies, for example service bundles, coupons, or referrals. 

How can I purchase a cost-effective cleaning franchise when living in Salt Lake City?

What is the future of cleaning

Although it’s impossible to forecast the future with certainty, it’s important to have support in your business endeavors. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in the field of commercial or residential upkeep, MaidThis Franchise offers everything you need to launch your enterprise. 

Our international team can help you prepare, educate yourself, market your venture, and reach prospective customers. There are many benefits to joining our brand, from running all operations from your home office, lower overhead expenses, greater visibility, extra time that you can spend with your loved ones in Salt Lake City and the vicinity, and no commute. 

You can easily apply and become a part of our franchise online, after we evaluate everything. Of course, we’re always there for your questions and looking forward to your application!