Your Guide to Semi-Absentee Franchise Ownership

If you’re looking for a way to make passive income through one of the best work-from-home franchises in 2023, then semi-absentee ownership may be the perfect option for you. With this type of arrangement, you can hire a manager to oversee day-to-day operations, allowing you to collect profits without having to manage all aspects of the business yourself. In this blog, we’ll explore what it takes to become a semi-absentee owner, as well as the potential profitability associated with doing so.

What should you do first when choosing a franchise?

What’s the advantage of buying a franchise?

Let’s take a look at the two most important steps when choosing a company that you’ll invest in:

1. Select a company

To begin with, the process of becoming a semi-absentee owner starts by selecting an appealing company that suits your interests and goals. You’ll want to do thorough research on the various companies available in order to find one that is both profitable and has good growth prospects. 

Consider factors such as the past performance of similar franchisors in your area, customer feedback, industry trends and competition levels when making your decision. It’s also important to weigh up any initial costs involved, such as purchasing fees or ongoing royalty payments.

2. Find a reliable manager

Once you’ve chosen a suitable company, the next step is hiring an experienced manager who is capable of running the daily operations in your absence. This person should have adequate knowledge of the industry, be willing to take on extra responsibility and understand your expectations clearly before taking up the role. 

Experienced and skilled managers will also be able to identify areas within the business that can be improved upon and should be able to effectively manage employees while leading them toward success.

What’s the advantage of buying a franchise?

What should you do first when choosing a franchise?

Being an owner comes with several advantages. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Free time: It allows you more free time than regular entrepreneurs since all operations are handled by someone else,
  • Lower stress: It reduces stress levels greatly since there’s no need for constant monitoring or micromanagement,
  • More control: It gives you more control over how much money is invested into day-to-day operations,
  • More safety: It helps protect against any sudden deterioration in profits due to mismanagement which could easily occur if left unchecked.

How many hours a week do franchise owners work?

The answer to this question can best be determined by each individual’s situation and personal goals. Generally speaking, semi-absentee owners can expect to spend between 10 – 15 hours a week overseeing their business operations. 

This includes administrative tasks such as payroll, marketing and customer service management, along with other specific duties that vary based on the type of company. Ultimately, this lighter time commitment allows owners to find a balance between their free time and running a successful business.

What are the best work-from-home franchises in 2023?

At the moment, some of the most popular options to consider include house repair services and cleaning. If you’re interested in trying your hand at the cleaning industry, MaidThis Franchise is at your service. Join us and become part of a well-established, reputable organization that will make your profit a guarantee. 

With experienced cleaners and excellent customer reviews, our company is one of the leaders in the industry. You can work remotely or from a physical location. Reach out to us today and let’s talk about what we can do for you.


How to Run a Cleaning Franchise from Home

If you’re looking for a fun and profitable side hustle and are interested in the best work-from-home franchises, running a cleaning business from your apartment may be just the thing for you. Running your own business can be both rewarding and challenging, but it doesn’t have to involve hiring employees or setting up an office right away. 

With flexible hours and the ability to do the job remotely, this could be the perfect way to make money on your own terms. Still, there are important considerations to take into account before taking the plunge. Read on to learn if running a business remotely is right for you and how profitable it can be to become a cleaning business franchisee.

Can you run a franchise completely from home?How do I find the best work-from-home franchises?

Many people in the cleaning industry choose to start out this way because of the low overhead costs and flexibility that come with doing a job remotely. As one of the company owners, you’ll still have a lot to do. You’ll need access to reliable internet service so you can communicate with clients and manage bookings online.

Given that you’ll be handling things independently from your place, it’s important to remember that success still requires effort and dedication. You may still need to handle administrative tasks like accounts receivable/payable, schedule appointments, order supplies, etc. 

Can you make money with a cleaning franchise?Can you run a franchise completely from home?

Many people opt for this instead of starting their own businesses because they offer built-in branding recognition along with training programs designed specifically for novice entrepreneurs who don’t have much experience in the industry. 

This option is typically more expensive at first because of licensing fees (which help protect your franchisor’s brand) but once those are covered initial expenses tend to be reasonably low compared with other types of businesses. Most franchisors will provide support services ranging from accounting advice to marketing strategies at no extra cost. 

When done correctly, this provides opportunities for substantial profits over time, provided that franchisees are willing to put in the necessary effort needed for success such as regularly canvassing neighborhoods or utilizing social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, keeping up-to-date on new products/services offered by franchisors can help generate additional income streams, making them even more profitable over time.

Overall, the process isn’t necessarily easy, but given its relatively low startup costs compared with many other businesses, it can be an ideal opportunity for those looking to enter into entrepreneurship without spending too much money upfront. With determination, dedication, and good planning, anyone can achieve success in this field, regardless of whether they do it entirely remotely or take advantage of traditional brick & mortar storefronts.

How do I find the best work-from-home franchises?

If you are looking to join an established and respected cleaning business, then MaidThis Franchise may be your perfect fit. By becoming part of a larger network of professionals, our franchisees have access to an array of competitive, low-risk advantages that help them stay ahead of the competition. You may even be able to have time for another job once you gain some experience.

Our reputation for excellent customer service ensures that your clients will keep coming back, and our experienced staff can provide training and support along the way. Take advantage of this great opportunity today. Reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for you and your business.