Case Studies

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MaidThis Franchise Success Story: Dan Blaker

Dan’s Situation

Working a 9-5 he hated

60+ hour work weeks

Underrappreciated and Overworked

Didn’t know which business model to help him escape the rat race

How MaidThis helped Dan

Quit his 9-5 within 3 months

Making more in his MaidThis Business than his previous job

Location Freedom – works remotely

Able to spend more time with his wife

Notifications, confirmation pictures and feedback

“Not only have I instantly promoted myself compared to my previous job, but I’ve learned a ton about scaling and growing a business. I’m making more money, and I actually can work completely remotely.”

Dan Blaker, Franchise Owner

MaidThis Success Story: Chris

Chris’s Situation

Working from Home

Young family, wanted more time with them

Tried other businesses that never took off

How MaidThis helped Chris

Chris has more disposable income now

Financially free – not reliant on a single source of job income

Able to work remotely while on vacation with family

Confidence in entrepreneurship

“I’ve grown in so many ways. Definitely confidence….I’m an actual business owner now. There’s nothing compared to it, I’m networking, talking to people. I never thought to myself that I’d be this person. I feel great, I feel confident.”

Chris R, Franchise Owner