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Join a strong network


Cutting-edge Software

As a modern business, we rely on cutting-edge software to automate the whole process and give our cleaning franchise the much-needed competitive edge.


Remote Systems

Embrace the opportunity to work within a remote system and enjoy the benefit of working from anywhere in the world and get results without much hassle and heavy lifting.


Global Team

While we continue to build a strong presence across Phoenix, AZ and the U.S., we have a global labor pool, making things all the more simple and efficient.



At MaidThis Franchise, you will learn how to grow your franchise and make meaningful, worthwhile outreach efforts to win goodwill within your particular community.

Recognize the market demand, provide the supply!


Are You Financially Qualified?

At MaidThis Franchise, we offer you an affordable, conveniently organized cleaning business franchise in Phoenix that comes with built-in credibility and prestige. It is important that you show eagerness to join us and that you are aware of the financial expectations, including the start-up cost estimate and potential contingency costs. But if you are ready for a long-term professional commitment and a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity available at competitive rates, contact us and we’ll work together to find out if we are a good fit.

Low Cost:

Amazing opportunity to make profit: low start-up costs and low operating costs make for an ideal business growth environment.


Convenience is king: our modern, remote-run franchise is the ideal catalyst to your professional and personal growth.

No Massive Build-Out:

Low capital investment: forget about money-draining leases and expensive, sophisticated equipment. You just need a laptop!

What training do I get?

Pursue a clear-cut learning strategy and take part in the mandatory 5-day in-person training at MaidThis University.

  • Pre-opening Procedures: Make all the preparations for the opening of your franchise ahead of time.
  • People Development: Discover the clever strategy to attract people you can rely upon to support your Phoenix-based franchise.
  • Cleaner Recruitment Process: Find out how to reach out to and retain skilled, professional cleaners.
  • Sales & Marketing Procedures: Learn how to calculate competitive pricing and a lucrative marketing strategy for your Phoenix franchise.
  • Daily Operating Procedures: We are straight-forward about the process of running the franchise from anywhere in the world.

Customized support from start to finish


We know that access to ongoing support is a powerful drive, which will inspire you and motivate you to grow and follow the MaidThis Franchise philosophy. Make a smooth transition with our training and post-training support following a clearly defined game plan and using field-tested resources.

  • Start-Up Success Team: We are selective about prospective franchisees because we want to make sure you have what it takes to pass the initial 3-month set-up stage
  • Access to the team that built MaidThis: Get access to invaluable experience and expertise from those that built MaidThis cleaning company franchise from the ground up. Learn about streamlined operations and expert sales and marketing tactics.
  • Operations Manual: If you learn better by seeing things in black and white, depend upon our exhaustive, in-depth Training and Operations Manual.
  • Performance Monitoring: The most effective way to measure performance is to analyze key metrics, and that is where we come in. We will help you to learn from data comparisons and to identify growth opportunities as soon as they pop up.
  • Website/Tech Stuff Done for You: Your savvy website setup is on the house: newcomers get immediate access to our high-converting website from Day 1. The entire process is hassle-free; we handle website enhancements and maintenance, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are looking to start a cleaning franchise in Scottsdale or Phoenix to serve Arizona alone, or to branch out to Florida to cater to the cleaning needs of clients across Tampa, access to technology is the only real requirement of the MaidThis Franchise. As a specialized home cleaning and vacation rental cleaning franchise in Phoenix, our key asset is a powerful global network and a prominent digital presence.

In fact, the possibility to run things remotely from anywhere in the world is one of the biggest assets of our franchise. In other words, having a physical office is entirely up to you. This alone reduces your initial costs considerably.

Depending upon whether you decide to have a physical office or not, and legal and accounting fees, insurance and business licenses, we estimate your initial investment would range between $45,000 and $80,000.

Joining a cleaning franchise specializing in house cleaning is a sound financial decision, and joining one that doubles as a vacation rental cleaning franchise is even better. But are you up to the task?

To that we say: Why not, when we will give you all the resources you could possibly need to learn the ropes one step at a time and to stay on top of things – even in the most critical of moments? We will guide you through the entire process of setting up your own cleaning franchise in Phoenix.

We have a mandatory 5-step training program in place for all franchisees. The program is designed to gradually introduce you to the way we do things around here and enable you to learn as you go. Whether you have additional questions or concerns about your newly established cleaning franchise in Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun or other areas across Salt River Valley, we will always be by your side, ready to support and encourage you.

Across the globe, residential cleaning can be a stable source of revenue if you work diligently and provide clients with a high standard of service and customer care. Next, imagine the amazing prospect of upgrading to a cleaning franchise which also focuses on vacation rentals.

MaidThis Franchise has grown into the industry force that it is today due to the balanced combination of cost-effectiveness and specializing in not one but two niches: residential maid service and vacation rental cleaning.

If you are determined to become part of our success story in the city of Phoenix and join a cleaning franchise that is as dynamic as it is lucrative, we are ready to show you the way. Consult us today!