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Cutting-Edge Software

We use the latest in digital marketing and technology to automate the process, attract new franchisees and continue to grow our network.


Remote Systems

Remote work gives you the freedom to create a flexible schedule that is in tune with your way of life. Coordinate everything conveniently.


Global Team

Act locally, think globally is our mantra. We cater to the market of Scottsdale, AZ and the U.S., but our team comes from across the globe.



At MaidThis Franchise, we mean business, but we are also a community. We will share our experience with you so we can learn and grow together.

YOU could be the missing piece in our success story!


Are You Financially Qualified?

We have already created the path for your long-term success. Seize this amazing opportunity to pursue an exciting challenge and transform your life with low start-up and overhead costs. This could be your once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity that you have been waiting for: to set up a remote-run and smoothly-coordinated cleaning company franchise in Scottsdale.

Low Cost:

Affordable start-up and operating costs make our franchise a cost-effective solution in the long run.


As the quintessential modern business model, our franchise is conveniently remote-run and flexible.

No Massive Build-Out:

Low capital investment. We do not require you to go all- out and splurge on expensive equipment: all you really need is a laptop!

What training do I get?

Introducing our integrated, professionally facilitated 5-day in-person training at MaidThis University.

  • Pre-opening Procedures: Think ahead to get ahead and devise a clear plan for the opening of your franchise in Scottsdale.
  • People Development: Learn how to attract valuable talent to build a successful MaidThis franchise.
  • Cleaner Recruitment Process: Discover how to build and maintain a dependable cleaning crew specializing in residential and short-term rental cleaning.
  • Sales & Marketing Procedures: Set up location-specific pricing and learn how to promote and market your cleaning company franchise to respond to potential client needs.
  • Daily Operating Procedures: Follow our clearly outlined checklist for running the franchise from anywhere in the world.

We will support you and your growth down to the last detail


Investing in a cleaning franchise has never been easier. No need to build things from the ground up: we’ll be your safety net and give you unreserved support based upon a diligently rehearsed game plan. We will grant you convenient access to tried and true tools to help you learn, grow, thrive, and reap maximum benefits in return for a balanced investment of your resources.

  • Start-Up Success Team: If you want to be part of a success story, you need to stay committed and keep your eyes on the prize. You will have constant, ongoing support during the critical first three-months.
  • Access to the team that built MaidThis: Monthly consultation calls are available to all franchisees. These consultations are personalized and instructive resources that will enable you to learn more about business and operations tactics, marketing strategy, sales pitch, and more.
  • Operations Manual: When in doubt and in need of answers, consult the MaidThis cleaning franchise Training and Operations Manuals for thorough and comprehensive guidance.
  • Performance Monitoring: Nothing shows your performance success like measuring and analyzing key metrics, which is where we come in. If there is room for change and improvement, you’ll be the first to know.
  • Website/Tech Stuff Done for You: If you find all the talk about technology and digital marketing intimidating, fear not. We will do all the work for you, including website improvement and maintenance. You will receive access to a high-converting website straight off the bat and absolutely free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

At MaidThis Franchise, we like to keep things clean and lean. Because of that, we do not require that you set up a physical location of any kind. Not having to pay a lease in the high-end Scottsdale Fashion Square or Kierland Commons will drive down your start up costs and overhead considerably.

Whether you decide to stick to a cleaning franchise in Scottsdale, Arizona, or decide to branch out to other states, for example to Florida where you can cater to the cleaning for residential clients in Tampa or serve vacation rental and Airbnb cleaning clients in West Palm Beach, technology is all you really need to run and expand your business.

Depending upon whether you decide to have a physical location or not, and factors such as insurance, business licensing, accounting and legal costs, you can expect your total cost to be in the ballpark of $45,000 to $80,000.

Contrary to what you probably expect, you can become an integral part of a successful cleaning franchise even with zero experience in the cleaning industry or management. As long as you are committed to your bottom line, we will show you the ropes and teach you all you need to know to set up a thriving cleaning franchise in Scottsdale.

We will be at your disposal not only during the first three months of the set-up, but also in the period to come. When you join the MaidThis Franchise family, you can feel confident that you will have access to sources and have knowledgeable professionals to consult whenever you need to have your questions answered and your concerns addressed.

We bring you the promising prospect of joining a vacation rental cleaning franchise in addition to the possibility to join an established house cleaning franchise. How come? Because MaidThis Franchise is a unique combination of a cleaning franchise specializing in not one but two market niches. If you prefer to play it safe, then what better business opportunity in the vibrant city of Scottsdale to pursue than to join an established household name that is both a maid service cleaning franchise and a vacation rental cleaning franchise.

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