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We rely on the latest technological breakthroughs to help all franchisees run their businesses smoothly and efficiently.


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You’ll run your cleaning business franchise online from any location that you find the most comfortable and stimulating.


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Our time-tested business strategies have already helped many cleaning businesses become household names in their locations.


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Be the next big thing in Fort Lauderdale! Unlock your full potential with dependable guidance and a variety of helpful resources.

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Is running a maid service and vacation rental franchise in Fort Lauderdale worth it?

In order to become the owner of our reputable cleaning business franchise, you’ll have to make a small initial investment. However, this should in no way discourage you from making this important career move. The profit you can yield by running a cleaning franchise in Fort Lauderdale greatly outweighs the costs of setting up and maintaining it. You can achieve this goal more easily with our expert assistance.

Reasonable fee:

Your buy-in fee is fair and affordable, especially when you consider the resources you’ll get access to.

Remotely run:

Your cleaning company franchise will thrive without you having to endure long commutes to the office.

Easy & practical:

Our system is designed to provide franchisees with a convenient and smooth experience.

How our cleaning company franchise can help

The MaidThis Franchise conducts extensive training for all new franchisees to help them find their feet and establish a great baseline for all of their future business dealings. You’ll be instructed on all the essential facets of the day-to-day operations of a cleaning business franchise owner, like:

  • Going over the initial steps you’ll take in the cleaning industry
  • Learning how to find the finest cleaning experts for your team
  • Understanding how to conduct the vetting and training process
  • Discovering the best marketing strategies to advance your business
  • Becoming familiar with what your day-to-day workload will be like

With an accomplished cleaning business franchise, you receive:


The MaidThis Franchise will be there for you through thick and thin, from your pre-opening preparations to your eventual rise in the world of cleaning company franchising. Here’s what benefits you can expect to gain:

  • A better and more confident start to your entrepreneurial journey with the help of our seasoned team.
  • Regular guidance and assistance thanks to a system of monthly meetings and open lines of communication with other team members.
  • A thorough operations manual that’s at your disposal for any dilemmas or difficulties you may encounter.
  • Carefully tracked performance so you can see how fast and how well your business is growing.
  • Your website will be set up and maintained for you by a team of experienced specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a cleaning company is an extremely smart business move these days. This is particularly true of vacation rental cleaning company franchises. Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, both home and vacation rental owners have been scrambling to keep their properties clean and healthy. This means that businesses that provide high-quality cleaning services are highly sought after.

If you decide to enter the world of professional cleaning in Fort Lauderdale with the assistance of the MaidThis Franchise, your chances of success will be greatly amplified. Now’s the perfect time to aim high and set out on an ambitious business venture under our expert guidance, so don’t let it slip away.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of becoming the owner of a cleaning franchise in Fort Lauderdale, working under the wing of the MaidThis Franchise can give you a fantastic competitive edge. Here’s why:

  • It’s budget-friendly to purchase and run
  • It doesn’t require any experience in the cleaning industry
  • Leading experts will share their expertise and experience with you
  • Our practical high-tech software will help you stay on top of things
  • You’ll work remotely, without wasting time on the road
  • You’ll become a member of a successful global team

Dare to make a bold business decision – you won’t regret it for a minute!

Franchising is for any aspiring entrepreneur who’d love to get to the top of the cleaning industry. However, it’s especially well-suited for:

  • Talented first-time business owners who haven’t had previous experience in the industry
  • People who feel that they would thrive in a structured setting, with plenty of support
  • Those who don’t like the uncertainty of starting from scratch and would rather have the various details already figured out for them

Here at MaidThis Franchise, we’ve assisted many professionals in setting up their businesses and maintaining a steady stream of customers. Contact us today to get the development of your cleaning business franchise in Fort Lauderdale under way.

Although accomplished professionals who’ve already tried their hand at owning a business can purchase our franchise as well, a history of working in the cleaning industry isn’t a must for MaidThis franchisees. A hard-working enthusiast with a drive to leave their mark will be ready to excel in no time with the resources and guidance we provide. If you buy our cleaning company franchise in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll get all the necessary tools to help you navigate the booming cleaning industry.

Run a popular vacation rental cleaning franchise and reach the pinnacle of the house cleaning industry all at once with the MaidThis Franchise. We’re ready to welcome you as a great addition to our international team, train you, and equip you with all the skills you need. 
Our opportunity is also available to ambitious entrepreneurs in Miami as well as at the disposal of prospective cleaning business moguls in San Antonio and other areas. If you have the motivation and willingness to succeed, feel free to hop on board!