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Modern & efficient solutions

MaidThis Franchise has adopted all advanced technological methods of doing business for better efficiency.


Capability to remotely run your business

All our maid service or vacation rental franchise owners have the ability to conveniently remote-run their business operations.


Valued members across the entire world

Our community of franchisees extends beyond Tampa and around the entire world. You can always expect their support.


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MaidThis Franchise has managed to create a helpful community or franchise owners always there for one another.

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MaidThis Franchise does everything in our power to help every single one of our vacation rental or maid service franchise owners across Tampa achieve success. First, we will assist you with creating a comprehensive plan of all your business operations before helping you put it into action. Our tried-and-tested business practices ensure you manage your business efficiently while keeping all of your operational and overhead costs low. We want to see you thrive!

Reasonable prices:

MaidThis offers reasonable and transparent pricing options to all our potential franchisees across Tampa.

Remotely manage:

Make your cleaning business franchise more efficient and convenient by running it completely remotely.

Without big build-out:

Partnering with our company ensures there is no need for huge build-outs and additional investments.

Will I receive any training?

We will organize a 5-day training course at MaidThis University where our experienced and knowledgeable personnel will explain all the business practices we implement and help you start up and run a cleaning company franchise. 

  • You will receive pre-opening assistance: The team at MaidThis Franchise will give you all you need to make your first day a successful day. 
  • You will get help training your employees: There’s nothing more important for a cleaning company franchise than the dedication and the skill of its employees. 
  • You will have access to tried-and-tested recruitment methods: Recruiting trustworthy and experienced cleaning pros is vital for your success. 
  • You will be able to improve your sales and marketing: We will help you grow your business by granting you access to our advanced marketing and sales techniques.
  • You will have assistance during daily operations: We will be there to provide assistance for all your daily management efforts.

We will continue to provide support after you graduate:


MaidThis Franchise adopts a unique approach to doing business with our vacation rental and maid service franchise owners across Tampa and all the nearby neighborhoods. We grant initial assistance when setting up your cleaning company franchise, and we keep offering any kind of help you need regarding management. We believe in giving all our partners every resource necessary to expand their business and improve their operations. You can always turn to us!

  • We will help you establish your franchise successfully: The initial success of your vacation rental or maid service franchise is essential for ensuring subsequent victories.
  • We will offer consultation opportunities: Whenever there’s a question you need an answer to, you can contact our team and receive expert guidance. 
  • We will give you access to our manual of operations: We pay attention to all advancements in management practices and give you full access to them.
  • We will help you monitor your performance: Knowing how well your business is doing will allow you to detect areas for improvement and keep boosting your business.
  • We will set up your website: Online presence is everything in today’s modern world, and you can expect us to take care of it without additional costs for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A maid service or a vacation rental franchise provide some of the most lucrative long-term financial opportunities. However, that is only true if you choose the right partners to join forces with and start your road to success. That is why you should only work with MaidThis Franchise.

We are the leading providers of cleaning franchise opportunities in Tampa and all the surrounding areas. We will be there every step of the way – from your opening day to all other days after it. Reach out to us today and tell us what kind of cleaning franchise you would like to open.

There are different options when you’re looking to start a cleaning business. Many people who would like to get into the cleaning industry think that it’s best for them to establish their own company from scratch and start their own legacy. And that’s a commendable opinion and well worth the effort.

However, starting your own cleaning company in Tampa is a lot more complicated than it initially seems, and it is likely that you would soon find yourself at a loss for what to do. And, without logistic assistance from someone with experience in the house cleaning industry, you might end up failing before you even began.

That is why it’s always best to turn to a reliable provider of vacation rental and maid service franchise opportunities such as MaidThis. We will make your beginning in the industry easy and successful, and provide any support you need at all times. Let’s start your road to victory together. Give us a call today!

Charging for the service your cleaning company franchise in Tampa provides is a difficult matter to consider, as you want your pricing to be high enough to provide earnings, but still low enough to attract new customers. If you’re struggling to come up with a financial plan on your own, contact MaidThis Franchise and we’ll help you with all the pricing details.

Yes, you definitely need some kind of insurance if you would like to set up a maid service or vacation rental cleaning franchise in Tampa and the surrounding areas. Some of the common insurance types are liability insurance, bonding, workers compensation, and property damage insurance.

However, depending on the type of cleaning business franchise you want to establish, you likely won’t need every kid of insurance there is. A dependable franchise provider such as MaidThis Franchise will help you determine the insurance necessary for your preferred type of cleaning business. Reach out to us today and let’s sort everything out.

MaidThis Franchise is the go-to company for all aspiring cleaning business franchise owners anywhere in Tampa and all the surrounding areas. If you partner with us, you will receive all the necessary assistance in creating your own cleaning franchise. We will help you take care of the most important details and start your business correctly.
To us, it makes no difference if you’re looking to establish your offices near the Museum of Science and Industry, or closer to the Tampa Museum of Art. Tell us what kind of business you would like to begin – a standard house cleaning franchise or a cleaning business specializing in vacation rentals. We’ll handle everything else.

However, that’s not all. We also provide opportunities for establishing a cleaning business in West Palm Beach, as well as starting a house cleaning franchise in Orlando. Contact us today, tell us where you’re looking to start a cleaning business, and allow our experts to help you throughout the process.