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Modern software

We attract new franchise opportunities and continually grow our network by implementing modern digital marketing solutions and cutting-edge technological advancements.


Remote system

Our approach to franchising allows you to coordinate all your business operations efficiently and conveniently by taking advantage of our remote work potential. Create a flexible schedule that works for you!


Worldwide team

We take great pride in cooperating with experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable individuals. We think globally and act locally while catering to the residents of Las Vegas and the area!


Great community

At MaidThis Franchise, we believe in growing together, which is why we take every opportunity to share our experiences with all the members of our global team and help you learn, evolve, and succeed with us!

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Are Your Finances in Shape?

We have taken all the necessary steps and put in the effort to create and plan out your path to business success. Our opportunity for joining a house or vacation rental cleaning business franchise in Las Vegas & the area provides low start-up, overhead, and managing costs, as well as continual support in business planning and operations. Assess your finances and don’t waste time to seize the opportunity and become part of a well-oiled team of successful entrepreneurs.

Low Cost:

Our cleaning franchise business is comparatively low-cost to establish, and also affordable to maintain and to grow.


Our maid service franchise allows you to provide the unique opportunity to operate remotely from the very start!

No massive build-out:

Our cleaning franchise doesn’t involve heavy capital investment, equipment purchase, expensive leases, or real estate build-out.

What kind of training will I receive?

MaidThis University organizes a mandatory five-day in-person training program that covers:

  • Pre-opening Procedures: Planning ahead is vital for taking care of the smallest of details prior to opening.
  • People Development: Every successful cleaning franchise is created synergistically through the marriage of talented people and organized management.
  • Cleaner Recruitment Process: Learn how to attract and retain the best candidates for your maid service or vacation rental franchise.
  • Sales & Marketing Procedures: We will give you access to invaluable customer-magnet secrets and help you organize reasonable pricing.
  • Daily Operating Procedures: We will provide you with a detailed checklist that will help you make your daily franchise operations easy, enjoyable, and efficient.

We don’t stop after graduation! We provide all the support you need to make your franchise grow. You can expect:


MaidThis Franchise is making cleaning company franchises easy to set up, organize, and operate. We’re here to help you start your franchise, maintain it successfully, and grow it steadily. We place premium resources and tools at your disposal to fully take advantage of our business practices and secure a favorable return on investment for your cleaning franchise in Las Vegas. Not only is there no need for foundation-building action on your part, but you can also expect to receive full support over the long haul.

  • Start-Up Success Team: The cleaning franchise set-up phase is critical for success, and the sheer number of tasks, great and small, can be overwhelming. That is why you get a call from Neel, the CEO of MaidThis, twice a month during the first three months, just to make sure everything is on track.
  • Access to the team behind MaidThis: What’s more; you will also have monthly consultation calls with the SAME TEAM that established the first MaidThis corporate location in 2013. The consultations incorporate advice about marketing, sales tactics, and managing operations. We provide full support during the entire duration of your franchise.
  • Operations Manual: Once you join our vacation rental or house cleaning franchise family, you will get complete access to our operations manual and training manual. They contain all the top-secret procedures that have helped make MaidThis Franchise what it is today. These tools will help you leap past the costly and frustrating growing pains and trial and error experiences that every brand-new business suffers through. These resources will help you to continually improve your maid service franchise by leaps and bounds.
  • Performance Monitoring: Not every franchise owner is good with numbers, which is why we’ll take care of that aspect of the franchise for you. We will help you keep detailed data on your franchise performance, allowing you to easily identify areas for change and improvement in order to continually grow your business.
  • Website / Tech Operations Done For You: We grant free access to our high-conversion-rate website from your first day in our family, and we do not charge for franchise website setup. Plus, we will keep maintaining and improving your website instead of you, so you can keep focusing on boosting your business while we take care care of the technical side of things.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to get a slice of the very lucrative and expanding cleaning industry, the two main options you have are; either setting up a local house cleaning company in Las Vegas, or opting to join an existing,established cleaning business franchise.

While it might seem tempting to go it alone, consider that building a cleaning company from scratch poses unique challenges. If you’re unfamiliar with the cleaning industry, you can easily find yourself in over your head.

On the other hand, it’s an excellent option to start a house cleaning franchise, especially with a reputable company such as MaidThis. We will help you get everything successfully launched, and provide the on-going support necessary to make your franchise a resounding success!

A cleaning business, especially if you set up a vacation rental cleaning company franchise under the wing of a reputable cleaning business such as MaidThis, can be an extremely profitable endeavor for all parties involved. The single biggest reason behind this fact is that cleaning services are in extremely high demand.

Also, there is great potential for increasing profits of your cleaning business franchise in Las Vegas and the environs. You can diversify your cleaning business, offering different types of specialized cleaning services based on clients’ needs.

What’s more, a house cleaning franchise involves low overhead costs and plenty of strategic assistance, which allows your franchise to steadily grow and expand, making for an excellent business opportunity.

Cleaning company franchises operate by providing aspiring business owners with an opportunity to start their own house cleaning business with the help of a fine-tuned system in conjunction with all the relevant resources at their fingertips.

The signing of a franchise agreement most commonly involves paying the franchisor an initial fee. Also, some cleaning franchises require the franchisee to pay royalty fees on an ongoing basis. The royalties usually depend upon the number of sales a franchisee generates during a given period of time.

While it can seem counterintuitive to pay fees for setting up a cleaning business, it is worth reiterating that investing in a turnkey business carries many benefits that become more apparent over time. Also, franchise fees tend to be less expensive than the overhead costs of starting a local cleaning company across the Las Vegas area from zero.

What are the benefits of choosing to purchase a cleaning franchise?

Choosing to start up a cleaning business franchise in Las Vegas or the nearby area has many benefits that help grow your business and that make all the managing and financial operations easier. Some of the biggest advantages of franchising are:

  • Continuing business mentorship you can rely on.
  • Brand recognition that will attract customers.
  • Being part of a community that grows and thrives together.
  • Getting the opportunity to be your own boss while avoiding known pitfalls.

The price of a cleaning company franchise is difficult to determine, as different franchisors charge different amounts of money if you want to become part of their company. The only way to find out how much it would cost you to set up a franchise is to inquire about the fees at your company of choice.

However, if you’re looking to start up a cleaning franchise in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, you should only consider partnering with MaidThis Franchise. We offer reasonable fees and continuing support for a lasting franchise that turns a healthy profit. Contact us today!

If you’re looking to start up a new business, establishing a house cleaning franchise is a sound business decision, especially given the current state of the global pandemic. There has never been a greater need for professional cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services, and starting a maid service franchise now could be the best business move of your life.

The best thing about the cleaning franchise prospects we offer is that it doesn’t matter if you live near the Fremont Street Experience or closer to the Mob Museum. Our remote-run potential allows you to lead your Las Vegas cleaning franchise to success from any location.

What’s more, you can also rely on our help if you’re looking to start a house cleaning franchise in Tucson, or begin to offer residents of Phoenix premium cleaning services. MaidThis Franchise will help you out wherever you plan to operate. But, that’s still not all.

Besides granting you a chance to begin a house cleaning franchise, MaidThis Franchise is here to also bring you the opportunity to become part of a successful vacation rental cleaning franchise. With us, you can diversify your cleaning franchise in the direction you prefer. Contact us today and let’s start conquering the market together!