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Bleeding-edge software

We adopt the latest advancements in technology and follow contemporary digital marketing trends to constantly grow our network and attract new opportunities for house cleaning franchises.


Remote-run system

We implement a specialized approach that allows fully remote management of your house or vacation rental cleaning franchise for maximum convenience and flexibility.


Global superstar team

We partner with knowledgeable, qualified, and experienced individuals who are always looking for new business opportunities. We act locally in Reno, but think globally!


Amazing community

All the members of our worldwide team of franchise owners continually share their experiences. This helps everybody learn, grow, and advance their cleaning franchise together.

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What Are Your Finances Like?

At MaidThis Franchise, we take the time to design a business plan for all our franchise owners that will help them rocket their house cleaning business franchise in Reno and the nearby area straight to success. We give all the necessary support and resources to see you triumph! We keep all our start-up, managing, and overhead costs as low as possible, and we keep providing continual planning and operating support. We do all in our power to help you set up and manage your cleaning franchise. Assess your financial situation carefully, and jump on board!

Low cost::

We provide a maid service franchise opportunity that is reasonably-priced to establish and affordable to manage and grow.


Our cleaning business franchise offers an incredible opportunity to coordinate your operations remotely from day one!

No massive build-out::

There are no real-estate build-outs, expensive leases, equipment purchases, or any heavy capital investments with our cleaning franchise.

What training can I expect?

Learn all the tricks of managing a successful cleaning franchise at our 5-day in-person training course at MaidThis University:

  • Pre-opening Procedures: It is essential to plan ahead of the opening day and take care of all the details.
  • People Development: All successful cleaning franchises are a combination of organized management and talented staff.
  • Cleaner Recruitment Process: Learn how to employ only the best representatives of your vacation rental or maid service franchise.
  • Sales & Marketing Procedures: We will help you with organizing your pricing options and creating a marketing strategy.
  • Daily Operating Procedures: Our comprehensive franchise management checklist will help you operate your business easily and efficiently.

We continue to provide the necessary support to all franchise owners after graduation:


MaidThis Franchise streamlines the creation, organization, and operation of a cleaning company. We will help you set up, maintain, and grow your maid service or vacation rental cleaning franchise in Reno & the area to its full potential. We bring you advanced tools and resources, provide extensive support in all of your business operations, and require no foundation-building interventions on your part.

  • Start-up success team: There are many tasks to take care of during the initial phase, and it can get overwhelming. That is why we organize a call with Neel, MaidThis CEO, two times a month during the first three months of your franchise.
  • Access to the team behind MaidThis: You are also able to consult the SAME TEAM that established the initial MaidThis corporation location in 2013. These consultation calls include various advice on management operations, sales tactics, and marketing strategies. We provide continual support for your cleaning franchise.
  • Operations manual: You receive full access to our training and operations manuals once you join our house cleaning or vacation rental franchise family. These resources are here to help you start, evolve, and improve your business efforts and will serve as invaluable tools during your daily operations.
  • Performance monitoring: We also help you crunch the numbers and ensure nothing gets past you. With our expert assistance, you will be able to successfully keep track of your cleaning franchise performance. This will allow you to identify potential improvement areas and continue growing your business.
  • Website/tech operations done for you: We don’t charge additionally for access to our high-conversion-rate website, and we will not need any extra payment to set up your franchise web page. Also, we will maintain and improve your website so you can focus on advancing your cleaning business franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many franchising opportunities you could choose to take advantage of, but choosing to set up a house or, even more so, a vacation rental cleaning franchise could prove to be the best investment at this time.

The current global situation with the coronavirus pandemic is causing people to pay additional attention to cleaning and sanitizing their properties. This has created a growing demand for professional cleaning businesses, and this is a business opportunity you should not pass on.

MaidThis Franchise is here to help you establish a cleaning company franchise in Reno and any of the surrounding areas. We have many years of experience in the industry and we know what works best. Contact us today and let’s partner up!

The ability to remotely manage your cleaning business franchise depends on the company you choose to partner with. The modern times we live in demand modern business solutions, but not all companies are equal in step with the times.

It is perfectly possible to run a house cleaning franchise without renting out a physical location. Plus, this helps keep the overhead costs low, allowing you to increase your return on investment and grow your business at an improved rate. That is why you should only consider franchising a cleaning business that provides complete remote-run capabilities.

MaidThis Franchise implements the most modern business models that yield impressive results. We are proud of our efficient tools for operating your vacation rental or maid service franchise in Reno remotely. We are here to make your business management easy and efficient. Contact us today.

In order to get a chance to run a cleaning business franchise, you need to connect with a reputable house and vacation rental cleaning company that provides franchising opportunities to its potential partners.

MaidThis Franchise is here to help you start, organize, and manage your cleaning business. We provide competitive set-up costs, as well as ongoing support for as long as you need it. We will make your business beginning enjoyable and lucrative.

The initial costs of your house cleaning franchise depend on the company you choose to work with. You need to contact company representatives and inquire about the potential costs. You can always reach out to MaidThis Franchise about setting up a cleaning franchise in Reno. We will help you with all the aspects of starting a cleaning business and be there every step of the way.

With MaidThis Franchise, getting your own cleaning business franchise has never been easier. We do not only specialize in branching out our standard house cleaning franchise, but we also provide opportunities for creating a vacation rental cleaning service franchise.

Whether you’re located near National Automobile Museum or closer to the Grand Sierra Resort, you can successfully run and manage your cleaning business franchise remotely from any location in Reno and the area.

We are also here if you’re looking to establish a house cleaning franchise in Las Vegas, or start a successful maid service franchise in Tucson. MaidThis Franchise is here to enable you to enter the house cleaning business from any location in the area. But, there’s still more.