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Advanced technology at your service

Our high-tech platform lets you keep in touch with business contacts from any location effortlessly.


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Thanks to our automated system, you’ll be able to conduct all business operations remotely wherever you are.


International team that works together

You’ll cooperate with a worldwide team of committed, trained, and competent professionals just like yourself.


Be at the frontier of innovations in cleaning

We constantly strive to create new opportunities and fine-tune our operations to get ahead.

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Is being a member of a cleaning company franchise in Austin worth it?

Here at MaidThis Franchise, we do our best to facilitate your rise to success. Apart from being by your side as you’re taking your first steps in the cleaning industry, we also make sure that you are fully covered throughout the course of your business growth. The startup, maintenance, and overhead costs at MaidThis won’t break the bank. We keep them at a minimum to offer you an opportunity to blossom without having to fork out huge amounts of money.

Minimum investment:

Kickstart a prosperous cleaning business franchise at a reasonable startup cost.

Remote operations:

With a remotely run system in place, you can work from the location of your choice.

Hassle-free launch:

If you’re determined to make it in the cleaning industry, you’re already halfway there.

What it’s like to run a vacation rental & maid service franchise

Once you join the MaidThis franchise community, a detailed in-person training will be organized, consisting of 5 stages:

  • Pre-opening activities: We know that planning out every last detail before the launch is crucial, so we take you through it step by step.
  • People development: Competent, dedicated people are at the heart of every profitable cleaning company franchise.
  • Staff selection: We’ll teach you how to vet prospective employees that will drive your cleaning franchise in Austin forward.
  • Advertising techniques: You’ll be instructed on how to get more customers and price your services adequately.
  • Daily operations: You will learn how to conduct day-to-day dealings as the head of a cleaning business franchise.

Our franchisees receive ongoing professional support, such as:

  • The experts at MaidThis will provide you with support in the crucial initial phase of your business venture.
  • By providing you with our useful operations manual, we’ll let you in on the well-kept secrets of the best cleaning business owners.
  • We will supervise your operations and help you with your worries and dilemmas.
  • As part of our monthly meetings, we’ll discuss how to best maintain and improve your business.
  • Our proficient tech support team will be at your disposal for all website-related needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

MaidThis Franchise provides you with the perfect chance to develop your business remotely, with zero hassle. We use a practical, streamlined, and dependable software to keep you connected with customers, vendors, and other members of our team no matter where you’re working from. Whether you’ll manage your cleaning business franchise from home or an office space in Austin comes down to your preferences.

If you’re considering the idea of starting your own cleaning business in Austin, purchasing a successful franchise can do wonders for your future prospects. Becoming a part of the MaidThis Franchise family can help you in several ways:

  • Our franchise is low-cost to set up and maintain
  • You’ll receive guidance from leading cleaning industry pundits
  • We will provide you with ongoing support
  • You’ll conduct business using our sophisticated software
  • You won’t have to leave the comfort of your home
  • Our international team will welcome you with open arms

Reach out to us to jump at this one-of-a-kind business opportunity and open the door to success.

Entering the cleaning market can be a very lucrative endeavor, particularly if you provide maid service and vacation rental cleaning with the guidance of a reputable franchise such as MaidThis. This is due to the fact that professional cleaning is currently highly sought after.

Also, a franchise only requires a low initial investment while providing you with extensive specialist guidance, which pushes your business in the right direction and promises a very favorable outcome.

Growing any business, including a cleaning company franchise, means always being alert to your clientele’s needs, setting the bar higher every time, and looking for improvement potential. Here are some things you can do to come to the forefront and stay there:

  • Observe what your competition is doing and try to deliver better results than they do
  • Emphasize and market the features that are unique to your company
  • Develop a marketing scheme to include a range of activities that showcase your brand
  • Keep up with the latest trends in the cleaning industry and implement changes
  • Keep track of your team’s performance and your clients’ comments
  • Provide unwavering quality in every job you do

Join MaidThis Franchise to start your vacation rental and maid service cleaning franchise in Austin with the backing of a proven brand.

If you venture into the cleaning industry on your own, there are significant risks involved. You will have to deal with the minutiae of the launch including the legal, practical, and financial challenges, all by yourself. On the other hand, MaidThis Franchise helps you find your feet and stay on the right course with expert guidance.

With our assistance, you’ll run a prosperous residential or commercial cleaning business in no time. You get the opportunity to be the head of a profitable company on your terms while receiving constant mentorship on our part. Whether you’d like to start your cleaning company franchise in Austin, manage a thriving cleaning business in Ogden, or lead a flourishing cleaning company in Park City, we’ll have your back!