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Advanced software solutions

We constantly implement new technological solutions to help make all business operations faster, easier, and efficient.


Ability to remote-run your franchise

We provide an unique opportunity to remote-run a maid service or vacation rental franchise completely remotely for full convenience.


Worldwide team of franchise owners

We partner with aspiring, qualified, skilled and dedicated franchise owners from Fort Worth and from all around the entire world.


Tight-knit team of aspiring franchisees

We have created a supportive network of franchisees who are always there to share their experiences and help you in any way they can.

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How Are Your Finances?

MaidThis Franchise will help you design a profitable and streamlined business plan if you decide to become one of our vacation rental cleaning or maid service franchise owners. But we do not stop there. We try to place as little pressure on your current financial situation as possible by doing all we can to keep our start-up, managing, and overhead costs low. This is our way of helping your cleaning franchise in Fort Worth become successful as soon as possible.

Transparent pricing::

We provide maid service franchising that is affordable to set up and run in the long run with opportunities for development and growth.

Remote operations::

MaidThis offers a unique alternative to standard managing practices with our completely remote-run capabilities.

No massive build-out::

We do not require our franchise holders to purchase expensive equipment or to make any other capital investments.

What kind of training plan have you established?

MaidThis Franchise will hold a five-day in-person training at our own MaidThis University for all franchise owners that will help you start, organize, and run your own cleaning business franchise

  • Pre-opening procedure: We will help you take care of all the pre-launch details and make your opening day a triumph.
  • Employee development: The foundation of any successful cleaning franchise is skilled and qualified staff.
  • Recruiting process: There’s nothing more important than knowing how to select the best candidates for your maid service or vacation rental cleaning franchise.
  • Sales & marketing: We are here to help you implement a modern marketing strategy and resolve any pricing doubts you might have.
  • Daily operations: We provide a management checklist that will help you run a more efficient cleaning company franchise in Fort Worth.

We continue to provide support to all our franchise owners:


At MaidThis Franchise, we have adopted a business ideology of helping all our partners in Fort Worth set up, manage, and grow their maid service or vacation rental cleaning franchise. We offer access to modern tools and resources and grant invaluable insight into successful business practices we have been implementing for years. Additionally, we are always here to provide any type of additional support you may require somewhere down the line.

  • Start-up success: We will help you make a successful start to your cleaning company franchise.
  • Consultation with our team: We are always available if you have any questions and we provide regular monthly consultations with our guidance team.
  • Manual for operations: We will keep you in the loop with all the latest marketing and management trends.
  • Performance monitoring: We will assist you in keeping track of your progress and performance and send you detailed monthly reports.
  • Tech and website operations are on us: It is up to us to set up and support your online presentation without any additional costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cleaning business franchise, whether a standard maid service or a vacation rental cleaning, is one of the most lucrative opportunities to invest in, especially if you partner with a reputable provider such as MaidThis Franchise. We are here to help you establish a cleaning franchise anywhere in Fort Worth and the area. Contact us today!

The two licenses necessary for starting a cleaning business franchise are vendor’s license and DBA, or Doing Business As license. You can receive a DBA by contacting a local community clerk in Fort Worth, and you’ll be on your way to getting a vendor’s license as well.

However, if you have any additional questions, it’s best to turn to an experienced cleaning franchise provider such sa MaidThis Franchise. We have spent years in the industry and know how to assist you best in setting up your franchise. Reach out to us today!

A cleaning company franchise is a sound investment and can lead to good profit. However, the amount of actual profit itself can vary depending on the location, the type of cleaning business you’re in, average hours of daily operations, as well as the price of your services.

MaidThis Franchise is here to not only provide you with an opportunity to establish a maid service or vacation rental cleaning franchise, but to also help you run a successful business. Contact us with any questions you might have and we’ll tell you all you need to know.

The most important aspect of creating a cleaning company franchise in Fort Worth is to choose a good provider. MaidThis is the leading franchising company and we provide invaluable assistance in several important areas:

  • We help set up your company and have a successful opening day.
  • We provide assistance in different managerial areas.
  • We monitor your progress and provide regular reports and updates.
  • We offer different technological solutions for a more efficient business.
  • We give you access to different types of remote-run options.
  • We organize detailed training sessions.
  • We will get your online presentation going without additional costs.

MaidThis is your go-to company that offers premium cleaning company franchising opportunities across Fort Worth and all the surrounding areas. We will make your beginning in the cleaning business as easy and streamlined as possible, and we will continue to provide support throughout the entire duration of our mutual cooperation.

We are here if you want to start a regular cleaning business, as well as if you’re looking to offer specialized cleaning services for vacation rentals. It makes no difference if you’d like to set up your business near the Kimbell Art Museum or closer to the Fort Worth Gardens. We’ll help you get up and running and keep assisting you until you succeed.

However, we are able to do more than just set up a cleaning business franchise in Fort Worth. We can provide our service if you’re looking for a cleaning business franchise opportunity in Dallas, and even if you’d like to establish a cleaning business anywhere in Houston. Just get in touch and we’ll take it from there.