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The time to contemplate cleaning business franchise for sale in 2023 is now, and we are here to get you started. If there is a silver lining to the COVID-19 situation, this is it, so jump on board!

Building a strong business requires building a strong local presence. And that is where established maid service franchises come in.

Innovative marketing strategies and a fresh approach of cleaning business franchises in 2023 make the process more effective.

This work at home franchise opportunity enables you to broaden your network through a convenient, automated process.

Cleaning is an old-school industry to which home-based business franchises bring a breath of fresh air.

MaidThis Franchise is envisioned as a way of bringing together committed and passionate entrepreneurs who mean business. We’ve spent years of learning, trial-and-error, and honing specialized systems and tools so YOU can benefit and thrive.
Business ownership can be scary and you may be entering uncharted territory. We’ll be by your side to offer support and guidance every step of the way. At MaidThis Franchise, we take care of our tribe and would love to see if you’re a fit to join the family.

Grow your inner entrepreneur by unleashing the house cleaning franchise potential!

A new business era: cleaning service franchises

The harder it gets to keep up with this fast pace of life, the higher the demand for professional house cleaning service that is responsible and flexible becomes. The cleaning industry has experienced an immense growth with the arrival of convenient short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb®. MaidThis is a game-changing franchise that just keeps growing. It is possibly the best franchise to own as it covers house cleaning and short-term rental cleaning niches. Join in and grow with us!

About the House Cleaning Industry

It seems that the house cleaning industry is stronger than ever. This is partly due to the effect of the global pandemic, and partly due to the clients’ hectic lifestyle and desire to spend quality time enjoying the finer things in life instead of cleaning and scrubbing the house. So just imagine how well a well-coordinated house cleaning franchise with stellar customer reviews can do in this scenario!

About Cleaning Service Providers

The main difference between small local cleaning companies and franchises is not in the number of clients or the scope of areas they serve, but in the approach and the ability to focus on the bigger picture. As a longstanding cleaning service franchise, we always look at the bigger picture, which is why we specialize in two niches, residential cleaning and short-term rental cleaning, and use specialized software for each.

“How does your franchise translate into my success?”

The vacation and short-term rental cleaning is in high demand, and the house cleaning service demand does not fall behind. There is a huge opportunity in both of these markets, which is why our franchise covers both. All you need to do is seize it!
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Busy homeowners are growing more appreciative of their free time and vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, the whole cleaning industry is experiencing breakneck growth. Ask yourself this: where do I fit in the picture?

Give clients a higher standard of cleaning and overall service to gain the upper hand over the competition.


Specialized cleaning services save precious time to residential and vacation rental property owners alike.


Tech-savvy, set-it-and-forget-it booking platforms with a neat and convenient scheduling system is a new way.


Putting time and effort into smart marketing is the easiest way to gain a competitive edge over local cleaning companies.

In the grand scheme of things, a cleaning franchise ushers in a new era and enables you to work remotely yet effectively.

Streamline your business process without leaving home and leverage technological innovations remotely and cost-efficiently as part of MaidThis Franchise. Here is what we bring to the table:

  • Sophisticated software tech and processes
  • Convenient team-hiring and remote management systems
  • Powerful marketing tactics that eliminate the competition
  • Opportunity to specialize in the local cleaning niche

Available US Territories

Are you located in one of the green states below and see yourself as part of the franchise? Get in touch with us and we’ll navigate you through the process of launching a successful MaidThis Franchise location of your own. The starred Territories are our existing franchisee locations.  


Fill Out The Form And Build Your Freedom:

The Process

the process

Step 1: Tell Us About You

If this is to be the beginning of a beautiful franchise of your own, we need to learn more about you. Tell us what made you want to bring out your inner entrepreneur, what assets set you apart from potential competitors, why you decided to explore this particular opportunity, and how you envision your business future within the MaidThis residential, short-term, and vacation rental cleaning franchise.

Step 2: Learn About The Business

Have we got a presentation for you! You will discover all the essential details about the cleaning business and industry in general, with focus on the Maid This residential, short-term, and vacation rental cleaning franchise. This will enable you to develop a better understanding of how the system works and how you fit in it. If everything works out smoothly, we’ll move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Read The FDD

We’ve all been guilty of clicking Accept because a legal document was TLDR at one point or another. But FDD is not a document you want to pass up. Hear us out: the Franchise Disclosure Document is a detailed overview of the anticipated investment costs of joining our cleaning franchise and how much MaidThis franchisees can be expected to pay.

Step 4: A Day In The Life

You’re steps away from becoming a full-fledged member of the MaidThis Franchise community. At this stage of the process, you will find out how to run a fully remote global team. Showing you the ropes is the existing operations team at one of MaidThis franchise locations. They will teach you what typical day-to-day operations look like.

Step 5: Sign Agreement

If everything else checks out, step 5 is a cakewalk. By signing the agreement, you officially become a MaidThis franchisee and part of the MaidThis Franchise family. Make a sound, forward-thinking financial decision and join us in helping the franchise grow and prosper. Let’s build this business together!

Step 6: Build Your Future

MaidThis Franchise has much to offer, so make the most of it. When you put time, effort and hard work into an established home cleaning, short-term & vacation rental cleaning franchise, you become part of a team that shares your passion and your purpose!

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a small local cleaning business can be lucrative, but it comes with certain risks, depending on your experience and background in the field and the success of competitors in the surrounding areas.

On the other hand, starting a cleaning business as part of our cleaning franchise requires a reasonable investment of your resources, including time, start-up, and overhead costs, yet offers amazing profitability potential.

If you are looking for a cleaning franchise for sale to give you a competitive edge straight off the bat, we have what you need. If you feel you belong in our franchise and can comprehend and appreciate the philosophy behind MaidThis Franchise, we give you the following perks:

  • We cover both the short-term rental, vacation, and Airbnb® niche and the residential cleaning niche.
  • As the first US-based residential and rental cleaning franchise ever, MaidThis Franchise is a household name with a fair reputation and track record.
  • We already have a strong network of locations across the country, but we are constantly growing and have ambitious plans for the future.
  • We bring seamless communication and conveniently coordinated business operation and management processes.
  • You don’t have to have a lot of experience as long as you have the necessary commitment and willingness to learn.
  • We offer reliable theoretical, practical, and technological support and assistance based on our long experience in the cleaning industry.
  • You can enjoy cost-effective start-up capital & competitive overhead costs with the added convenience of the opportunity to work from home unless you prefer to have a separate office location.
  • Our flexible schedule leaves you with enough time to adapt to the new way of running things and get settled in.

We will teach you how to maximize and utilize the outstanding digital marketing potential of the franchise.

If you are a small residential cleaning business owner, you are part of a community that serves the largest portion of the cleaning market. But you may find your growth opportunities to be limiting. You have questions, concerns, and doubts regarding the future of your business.

MaidThis Franchise may have answers to your questions which can help you with the following:

  • Devise and implement clever marketing tactics
  • Make effective use of technology with a time-saving scheduling platform
  • Offer a consistent quality of cleaning service which secures stellar reviews

If you want to make genuine progress and drive your business forward, you need experience in overcoming one challenge after another, day in, day out.

Reach out to us and take advantage of this opportunity to work remotely while running a successful home-based cleaning franchise business that you will not have to build from the ground up. We have done half the work for you.

What about experience?

Many of our franchisees have a background in short-term rental, residential property management, or the executive housekeeper or staffing industry and others have experience in owning a cleaning business or managing one.

However, having experience is not necessary, as we also have franchisees who are completely new to the field or have launched a cleaning business not long ago.

Catering to the house cleaning market can be a dependable source of revenue, as most homeowners want recurring cleaning, provided that they are confident they will always receive a high standard of reliable service.

If you are diligent about becoming part of the franchise and following through with the MaidThis Franchise mission, join us and let us guide you through the process.

The best part is that you can start with baby steps, as we remain adamant about keeping the overhead costs as low as possible, which is yet another aspect in which we set our franchise apart from the competitors.

We strive to move with the times and maximize profits. To do that, we sometimes abandon the boring, traditional ways of doing business such as going to the office, saving you time and money at the same time. The possibility to make the complete shift to working from home is usually a huge relief for office workers who have built a career in a corporate environment which they are looking to escape.

The financial benefits of residential and vacation rental franchise opportunities

At MaidThis Franchise, we specialize in two niches instead of just one and combine the house cleaning franchise with the short-term and vacation rental cleaning one. This gives our franchisees access to not one but two revenue streams: residential and short-term rental markets, both of which are in high demand.

As a lean, low-cost cleaning franchise, MaidThis Franchise enables you to play by your own rules and work from home while your business grows and evolves. MaidThis Franchise presents you with a potential fast business growth opportunity because we already have a strong track record in the industry and cover vast territory. We will also show you how far an effective marketing strategy and modern technology can take you.

The easiest way to get loyal clients is to provide a dependable quality of service. But to attract such clients and responsible cleaning professionals alike, you need to build a reputation. You can do that by yourself, but that will take you years of hard work and the ability to overcome challenges and keep up with the competition. We give you an easier way to have a fresh start without starting from scratch: join our franchise!

We also rely on smart and savvy software which gives the residential clients a short and sweet booking process which saves them time. The service is direct and straightforward: clients get flat-rate prices with none of those daunting in-person estimates most franchises require. They can also play around and personalize their service by choosing practical add-ons.

MaidThis Franchise gives you a comprehensive package and the opportunities to learn and grow professionally. And now that cleaning is recognized as an essential business the whole wide world over, the timing to join our cleaning franchise is perfect.

You will not have to build a franchise from scratch but simply build on an already established franchise that has built a name for itself and earned itself a reputation among Airbnb® hosts, vacation and short-term rental owners, and homeowners alike. If you like our success story, why not become a part of it? We are looking forward to having you on board!

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