Dealing with Employee Complaints: How to Do It Successfully

One thing that can set you apart in the cleaning business is having satisfied people working under you is. If your staff shows up to work eager to get the job done right, it’s one of the most powerful assets you can have. And there are few things that can contribute to employee satisfaction as much as knowing that their manager keeps an open line of communication and acknowledges their opinions.

When an employee approaches you with a complaint, however, it can be a tricky situation to handle. Read on to discover how to manage your workers’ complaints when they arise. These skills will come in very handy if you lead a successful cleaning company franchise in Scottsdale, AZ.

How do managers handle employee complaints?

No business owner is happy to get an employee complaint. Still, it’s a great sign that they find you approachable and feel comfortable sharing their concerns. If you respond to it wisely, you’ll establish a trusting relationship with your staff. This means that you’ll be the first to hear of any problems and get a chance to tackle it before it can escalate and affect your business.

Here’s what to do:

  • Listen carefully: Though it may seem like a minor issue, don’t dismiss it straight away. Pay close attention to what the person’s saying and show interest. You may discover an important snippet of information that could prove to be useful in the long run.
  • Gather information: Ask plenty of questions and do your best to get to the bottom of it. You’ll benefit from untangling the situation but that will only be possible if you truly understand the full scope of the problem and learn all the relevant details.
  • Document it: Ask the worker to submit the complaint in writing, especially if it’s an issue that needs to be investigated further. This way, you’ll have the facts of the matter in black and white, which can help with your next steps.
  • Show appreciation: Thank the worker for coming to you. Trust is fragile, so do your best to assure the person that you’ll look into the problem, whatever it may be. However, don’t make any promises as to the outcome before you can see the whole picture.
  • Address the issue: What you do next depends on the nature of the complaint. Is it something that you could fix yourself, like taking further precautions to make the staff feel safer on the job or providing them with better quality cleaning supplies? Or is it an incident with another employee or even a client? Take action in the direction of solving it.
  • Update the employee: Let the person know what course of action you’re taking. If the complaint turns out to be unfounded, explain it. In case you’re following up on the complaint and making further steps to remedy the issue, share that as well.
  • Bear it in mind: Even after the complaint is resolved and you move forward with your daily business, pay attention to how things are going.

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How do managers handle employee complaints

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