5 Effective Ways to Get Sales Leads for Your Cleaning Business

Being an entrepreneur in the upkeep industry presents you with various opportunities to make sales. For example, landlords frequently need someone to clean their holiday homes in between tenants. This presents a great chance to offer your services, or to specialize in vacation rentals. Also, it’s a valid reason to join a franchise in Tucson or elsewhere in Arizona. 

However, it’s likely you’ll need new clients, but you just can’t seem to have a good insight into the market. Read on to learn how to get some useful sales leads to further and improve your cleaning business

How do I get leads for my cleaning business?

Normally, maintenance providers invest a lot of money on lead generation services. While this is a legitimate way to find and reach prospective clients, it’s not the only option. To get your business on the map, consider the following methods without wasting a lot of money: 


Your initial marketing strategy can rely solely on referrals from your first couple of clients. If you have encountered clients that have a lot of connections, this can boost your customer base rapidly. In addition, asking homeowners, landlords, or tenants for referrals and reviews is a good way to test your approach and adapt. 

You can also ask your friends and relatives to help you out. You can ask them to recommend your services to their coworkers, distribute your business cards, or share your social media page or website. Your friends can also inform you about their experiences and any potential clients. 

Local newspapers

Although this idea might seem dated, local newspapers still play a significant role in finding clients. Other business owners still pay for ads in newspapers as they reach practically everyone in the community. Be on a lookout for new businesses opening in the area, send your business cards per email, or visit them in person. 

Local social media 

Don’t shy away from joining local Facebook groups, updating your Instagram or Twitter profile, or posting videos to YouTube. Whatever you do, try to remain active and post regularly, present yourself realistically, and take care to keep your followers and prospective clients informed and engaged. 

Create a lead magnet 

You want to capture the attention of your audience. Once they visit your website, think of something interactive, so that you capture some of their information. For example, you can offer a free estimate form for your service, or a query about different products or supplies. Also, try to make the content on your website relevant for the target audience, so that you would be able to market your services down the road.  

Cold calling

While you can conduct in-house visits every now and then, listing a phonebook and finding a list of local offices, labs, daycare centres, or private schools, is necessary if you wish to specialize in commercial maintenance. Set up a meeting and check whether there are opportunities for you to join in. 

Where can I apply for a profitable vacation rental franchise in Tucson, AZ and the vicinity?  

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