8 Secrets for Making Your Cleaning Business a Success

You could have all the necessary components of a promising entrepreneur: the energy, enthusiasm, ambition, resources. However, how can you make sure that you break through in the upkeep industry, increase your turnover, and make a name for yourself? 

One way to gain a significant advantage is by participating in a cleaning franchise in Tucson, AZ. Read on for some practical advice that can greatly contribute to your success.

How to grow a cleaning business fast

Usually, it’s best to start with a thorough research of the market. Then, you’ll need to find out how to devise a thorough business plan. This is vital if you want to have clear information that will help you expand and reach a broader customer base. Consider the following 8 steps to make sure your business thrives: 

1. Pick your lane

You want to make sure that you master one niche of the industry at a time. For instance, you can choose to specialize in: 

  • residential cleaning in high-income communities, 
  • commercial cleaning of smaller office buildings,
  • suburban homes with pets, or
  • holiday homes or AirBnB suites, and more. 

To truly master your field, don’t try to be too versatile. Your primary focus should be on building a consistent client base and you’ll have the opportunity to expand to other areas over time. 

2. Develop functional mechanisms

If you want to stay in control of your business, you need to create systems that work. While people can make mistakes, working mechanisms are set to give a better grasp into different aspects of your operations. This way, you will be able to multitask, delegate responsibilities, dispatch cleaners, process feedback, and avoid getting overwhelmed by the volume of work.

3. Invest in pro customer care

Although your team could consist of very friendly and competent experts, sometimes it’s not enough to win over new clients. When a client picks up a phone, how you address them can leave a lasting impression, so make sure that you pick the right person for the role. Pick someone resourceful, friendly, courteous, and well organized. In the long run, how you handle the relationships with your clients will determine your success. 

 4. Improve your tech skills

You might think that becoming IT-savvy is of secondary importance when it comes to residential maintenance. However, if you wish to be seen more easily in the pool of competitors, your digital skills are your best ally. You can utilize various marketing tips and tricks to become more visible on social media. Get rid of physical notes and implement various software to track the progress of your employees, collect customer feedback, make weekly schedules and design plans. 

5. Set a competitive price

You won’t get far if you underestimate the value of your services. While it’s wise to offer discounts or vouchers later on, you shouldn’t use underselling as your long-term strategy at the very beginning. Set a reasonable, transparent price and build your reputation based on the quality of service instead.  

6. Set boundaries

You should know your limits and have every right to say “No” to certain jobs and requests. In addition to the list of things your cleaners would be able to complete, make sure to outline clear boundaries. For instance, be transparent and clear about scheduling hours, liability, guarantees, and pricing. Be client-focused, but don’t forget to protect your staff as well.

7. Focus on quality 

Your policies and methods should reflect the way you treat your own property. Practice what you preach: get in your clients’ shoes and make sure that you would be personally happy with the level of provided service. Encourage consistency by rewarding your employees for examples of good practice. 

Invest in training, put the safety of your employees on the top of the list, update the communication platforms you use, and make sure you enhance the experience of all parties involved.  

8. Learn from every opportunity 

Be open to all kinds of feedback. Initial negative reviews from your clients can encourage you to trace your future steps and be a chance to win over clients in the long run. In addition, listen closely to your employees and associates, as a first-hand experience can pave the way for improvements. Finally, be ready to learn from your competitors. 

How can I become a part of a successful cleaning franchise in Tucson, AZ?

Instead of spending weeks on end researching the various aspects of the market, why not enjoy your days off and get inspired at the Saguaro National Park? Many entrepreneurs choose to join an existing brand in order to tap into the industry and get accurate leads about prospective clients. If you’re living in Tucson, AZ, or anywhere else, you can reap many benefits of becoming a part of MaidThis Franchise. 

After you fill in our online application form, we shall equip you with all the necessary information and skills to launch your business. In your onboarding process, you will receive extensive support from our international team of seasoned experts. What’s more, you’ll be able to work and lead your team of cleaners from your own home office. You’ll be able to hold meetings, throw events, and communicate with your clients and staff without hassle.  

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