How Much to Charge for Cleaning Services

After you’ve sorted out the paperwork and met the legal requirements for your cleaning business, what should be your next move? It’s time to think about your future earning potential.

To price your services adequately, you will have to decide which pricing method to go with as well as think about several important factors that influence cleaning rates. Overall, it’s a serious matter that requires some careful consideration. You wouldn’t wish to deter your clientele by overpricing but you also need to secure the return of your initial investment and ensure the profitability of your enterprise.

Continue reading to learn how to determine the pricing for your company’s cleaning services. The pricing process will be made easier for you if you choose to take one of the work at home franchise opportunities. A franchise will offer you all the necessary support as you’re making your first steps in the industry.

How do you price cleaning services?

One of the first and the most common problems that cleaning business owners encounter is how to price their services. One of the first impulses is usually to try and undercut the competition by dropping your prices below the average going rates in your area. However, this isn’t the best course of action you could take.

Try this approach instead: take your overhead costs and your clientele’s perceived value of your services into consideration to arrive at the perfect price point. Here is how to do it:

  • Figure out the number of labor hours: How many employees do you need to get the job done and how much time does it take? Multiply these figures to get the number of labor hours. If, say, you have a crew of two and they need two hours to complete a cleaning service, the number of labor hours is four.
  • Determine labor cost per hour: How much will your staff members be paid per hour? Don’t forget to leave a margin for additional expenses, such as social security and workers’ compensation. For example, if your employee’s wages are $15 per hour and you add 20 percent for extras, the labor cost per hour is $18.
  • Multiply the numbers you got: Next, you are ready to multiply the labor hours and the labor cost per hour. In this case, the cost per job is $72 (4 x $18).
  • Factor in your overhead expenses: Calculate your team’s travel expenses, costs of equipment, and the like. The exact number can greatly vary based on your business’s individual requirements. If you allocate 20 percent for overheads, the total would be $86.4 ($72 x 1.2).
  • Add your markup percentage: Lastly, you should look into how much profit your business will yield. In the above situation, if the markup is 35 percent, your client should be paying $116.6 for your company’s cleaning service.

Apart from pricing your services right, you’ll need to take care of the necessary prerequisites for a cleaning business as well as purchase all the equipment a cleaning company needs.

What are some great work at home franchise opportunities?

When an entrepreneur goes solo, they need to fend for themselves in a highly competitive cleaning industry. On the other hand, franchising provides the security of being a part of an established and well-known brand. It’s a failsafe way to run a profitable enterprise if ever there was one.

What are some great work at home franchise opportunities

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