7 Safety Rules Every Cleaning Business Should Follow

If you’re a part of the commercial and residential upkeep industry, you want every segment of your business to run smoothly. In order to stand out from the competitors and follow the highest standards, you should pay special attention to your employees’ safety. Whether you run your business in Austin independently or your cleaning company is researching promising franchise opportunities, you should promote health and safety measures among your professional cleaners.

To help you out, we’ve prepared a blog that will keep you up to speed on the most important safety procedures you and your staff should follow.

How do you protect your staff when cleaning?

How do you protect your staff when cleaningIt’s important every member of your team knows the importance and benefits of safety measures when performing clean-ups. Proper safety and protection while sanitizing the premises should be well-known terms for your cleaners. Following and tailoring an in-depth health and safety plan will make your business stand out from the competitors

To ensure you and your staff follow the best possible practices, you should do the following:

1. Make safety a part of your cleaning strategy

Workers’ safety should be a crucial part of your operation. Your employees should understand the importance of health and safety procedures and realize you’re strict and serious about them. If they understand it’s beneficial for them they’ll be more willing to follow it and respect it. 

2. Correct any potential physical and health hazards

It’s always better to identify potential physical and health hazards before it’s too late. Reduce slips and falls by placing anti-slip strips on rugs and floors and maintain your machines regularly. Make sure your workplace is properly ventilated as well as your team wears proper protection when handling infectious pathogens.

3. Don’t mix chemicals

Under any circumstances should you or your team mix chemicals, especially bleach products and ammonia-based supplies. When using concentrated cleaning chemicals, always dilute them first.

4. Cleaning equipment 

Your employees should be appropriately trained in using the necessary equipment. This includes understanding and knowing how the apparatus functions, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, and watching out for safety warning signs. 

5. Wearing PPE when necessary

Your technicians should wear rubbers to avoid direct contact with chemicals. Apart from that, uniforms, masks, and safety shoes should be included. Make sure your workers wear and remove their personal protective equipment properly and whenever it’s recommended. 

6. Train your team and prepare them for emergency situations

Make sure your specialists are prepared for every possible scenario. From cleaning chemical spills and exposure to toxic agents, to fire emergencies, your team should have a well-prepared strategy.

7. Use properly labeled containers

Correctly label your cleaning products and make sure nothing unlabeled is used. Also, your experts should always read the instructions before using supplies. Always buy supplies from reputable companies. 

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