How to Start an Airbnb Cleaning Business?

Cleaning is an exceptionally versatile industry which provides the perfect setting for home-based business franchises in the domain of Airbnb and vacation rental cleaning. Despite the effect of the pandemic, the Airbnb community is a growing one.

Still, not all Airbnb properties are created equal. The success of every Airbnb host depends mainly on their commitment to certain standards which guests expect. This is the perfect environment for the launching of a specialized Airbnb cleaning business.

If you have wondered how to start an Airbnb cleaning business but had no one to ask, read on!

How to offer cleaning services to Airbnb?

Airbnb does not accept applications for individual cleaners or cleaning businesses. Instead, you have to contact the Airbnb hosts themselves. The platform does offer guidelines on the optimal cleaning process, it is up to the hosts to organize who handles their cleaning. And that’s where you come in. Focus on Airbnb hosts as a target market of your cleaning business and do your research to develop the best strategy to approach them.

How do I offer cleaning services to Airbnb hosts?

The best thing to do is to get a list of all the Airbnbs in your area and start marketing to them directly. Unique, aggressive marketing of your cleaning business is your safest bet if you’re looking to attract Airbnb hosts in your area. If you belong to an established cleaning franchise, you will not have to work as hard on building a reputation and the customer base: Airbnb hosts will approach you, not vice versa.

Base your approach on the most compelling arguments in favor of hiring a cleaning service for Airbnb hosts:

  • Professional execution
  • Streamlined process
  • Automated cleaning service schedule
  • Reliable results
  • Availability for emergency bookings

Cleanliness is among the key factors that Airbnb guests pay attention to the most. The quality, scope and frequency of a cleaning service can have a considerable impact on the ratings which will ultimately determine the success of the Airbnb business as a whole. The cleaner the house, the better the ratings, the bigger the revenue.

It is this message that you need to convey to prospective clients: your screening process is so thorough that they will receive a guaranteed quality of service. This will also showcase your commitment to the community at large and demonstrate your determination to manage the process in a reliable, responsible manner on their behalf.

How do I start cleaning for Airbnb?

Being part of an established, long-running franchise that has already become a household name in the cleaning industry is half the battle, so finding a franchise to join should be your starting point.

It is especially important that you deliver on what you have promised your clients and that the cleaners follow the five-step enhanced Airbnb cleaning process:

  • Step 1: Prepare
  • Step 2: Clean
  • Step 3: Sanitize
  • Step 4: Check
  • Step 5: Reset

We can show you how to start an airbnb cleaning business off with a bang

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