8 Tips to Hire and Train Cleaners

Growing your cleaning business isn’t all about expanding the list of clients, it’s also about building a strong and reliable team that’s capable of delivering results that successfully turn first-time customers into loyal clients.

If you’ve already found your cleaning franchise for sale in Houston, your next focus should definitely be gathering up a crew of dedicated technicians. While this can be a complicated and exhausting process, a couple of practical tips will help you on your way. Keep reading to learn how to hire and train your cleaners.

How do you train the cleaner?

Employee training is a process that depends on the individual candidate and their knowledge, skills and experience. However, before you devise your training plan, it’s essential that you handpick your potential employees with utmost attention to detail. Take a look at the necessary steps:

Place your job ad

Create a job ad that underlines the strengths you want your team members to have. Clearly explain your company’s goals and why potential employees should apply. Enclose the necessary contact information, and post your ad not only on your website, but also on social media and job posting boards, and other professional networking websites.

Review the applications

Once past the application deadline, take time to review each application and sort them out based on how interested you are in an applicant. This way, you’ll create a pool of candidates that potentially fit the profile.


Conduct quick phone calls to get a general idea of the applicant, then schedule in-person interviews for a more thorough overview of each applicant and make sure you cover their strengths, background, and past experiences.

Make sure you conduct background checks and ask for previous employers’ references of the shortlisted applicants. Finally, you can hire the best candidates.

Create a handbook

Setting up a concise handbook for your employees is a great starting point. They can check it out before the training starts, use it throughout the process, and refer to it any time they need a reminder or advice. Think of it as guidelines for your perfect cleaners.

Use videos

Creating training videos is an excellent way to reach your employees and keep them motivated. Make sure the videos are short and contain essential information that’s clearly outlined. You can use this tool to record anything from proper usage of products and supplies to filling out forms. 

Categorize training

Once they become your employees, they should all pass the initial training where you should allow them to exercise and brush up the necessary skills. However, you should also create follow-up training sessions a couple of times a year where you’ll bring any updates and check their progress and consistency. 

Focus on soft skills

Apart from practical cleaning skills, ensuring your workers are great at communicating and teamwork is a must. Here’s what to focus on:

  • Work ethic
  • Communication skills
  • Adaptability
  • Decision making 
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Motivation and positivity
  • Time management

Plan goals together

Your company should set both short and long-term goals, and doing it together with your employees will boost their motivation. However, you should make sure the goals are direct, realistic, measurable, and relevant to your company’s mission. 

Where can I find a profitable cleaning franchise for sale in Houston?

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