MaidThis Franchise vs. Merry Maids Franchise: a Comparison Review

If you are considering joining a cleaning franchise, it is important to take your time to explore your options and make an informed decision. To help you, MaidThis has prepared a comprehensive overview of the various opportunities offered by us and the Merry Maids franchise, particularly in terms of initial cost and fees, territory size, and expected profit.

MaidThis Franchise

Estimated Startup Costs (all in): $45.000 to $80.000

Royalty/Service Fee: 6%

Territory Size: TBD, typically over 100,000 households

Available Territories: See below graph

Work from Home: Yes


Molly Maid Franchise

Estimated Startup Costs (all in): $89,616 to $125,023

Royalty/Service Fee: 5 - 7%

Territory Size: 8,000 - 35,000 households

Available Territories: Territories by U.S. Zip Codes

Work from Home: No

What opportunities does Merry Maids offer?

Merry Maids is a long-standing house cleaning franchise that has been in the business since 1979. The franchise is well-known across the country and recognized for their experience and thorough training for franchisees. While Merry Maids definitely has many things to offer, including good profit potential and reliable support, the initial cost can be quite large, typically ranging from $89,616 and $125,023, not including additional fees. Another potential drawback is the fact that Merry Maids doesn’t enable their franchisees to work from home or a mobile office. Additionally, if you’re interested in exploring the growing vacation rental/Airbnb cleaning market, Merry Maids Franchise may not be the best choice for you as they specialize only in regular house cleaning and window cleaning.

Join the success of the MaidThis Franchise

Reasonable initial investment

The start-up cost of joining the MaidThis Franchise is relatively low, but offers a great profit potential and pathways for growth.

Streamlined operations

It is our goal to ensure flexibility by enabling you to operate your business from your home or a mobile office, wherever you’re located.

Double streams of income

We’ll give you an opportunity to explore the hot niche market of the vacation rental industry, AND the successful house cleaning market.

“The stats are promising, but what do they mean for ME, exactly?”

The hard date we’ve given you serves to emphasize the great potential to be found in the established market for residential cleaning and the thriving vacation rental industry.
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MaidThis Franchise can give you a vast array of unique opportunities for your success, including a personalized approach, low start-up investment, large territory size, and double pathways for growth.

By joining the MaidThis Franchise, you’re joining a franchise with an exceptional client retention rate and getting a chance to explore the possibilities in the vacation rental and house cleaning industry.

Continued support

MaidThis Franchise will be at your beck and call during each step, providing you with guidance and support all the way through. We offer both in-depth training and useful post-training guidance, so rest assured that we’ll give you all the resources and skill sets necessary to succeed in the industry. We’ll rely on our established online presence, vast experience, and time-tested marketing tactics to help you on your path to success. Join us today and take the first step.

Flexible & stress-free

By joining us, you’ll get a chance to run your cleaning business efficiently and productively from a flexible and dynamic work environment you create for yourself. With us, you can decide whether you’d like to work from home or from an office depending on your lifestyle and preferences. MaidThis Franchise strives to help you build your own success, at your own pace, with expert guidance and support from the best in the business.

Great profit potential

The reasonable start-up and overhead costs we offer make joining the MaidThis Franchise a highly profitable decision. On top of that, we have a unique perk of being well-known in the vacation rental/Airbnb cleaning industry, which gives you a chance to make the most of these fantastic opportunities too. Expand beyond the house cleaning market and gain a competitive edge – get in touch with MaidThis Franchise today and start your growth.

Find out what makes the MaidThis Franchise so special: streamlined and convenient processes, personalized support, and unique options for growth are only a few of our unique perks.

Available territories in the U.S.

We offer cleaning franchise opportunities in the states marked in GREEN. However, we plan to expand to more states in the future, so keep that in mind.

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MaidThis Franchise core values

At MaidThis Franchise, we have a set of unique principles we adhere to. These include transparency, honesty, commitment, professionalism, and integrity. If you’re wondering whether we are the right choice for you, feel free to read our comparison of MaidThis and You’ve Got Maids and our comparative review of MaidThis and the Cleaning Authority Franchise.

Tailored opportunities

MaidThis Franchise strives to set you up for success by providing you with unique opportunities personalized to you. We’ve got your back every step of the way, offering expertise-based advice and support.

Hassle-free operation

We believe that running a cleaning business doesn’t need to be stressful. With our option to work from home, you can be optimally productive and efficient without wasting time and going through unnecessary hassle.

Training & support

Each of our franchisees is part of the MaidThis Franchise tribe. We’ll treat you as one of our own all the way through, providing you with the tools and resources you need to make it.

Niche market opportunities

MaidThis Franchise is your best choice if you’ve been thinking about exploring the opportunities of the vacation rental market in addition to the standard home cleaning industry.