MaidThis Franchise vs. Molly Maid Franchise: a Comparison

Reluctant to kickstart a cleaning business from scratch because you think the fierce competition will rob you of growth opportunities? Then take a shortcut and join an established franchise with a household name. But what is your best option in terms of fees, profit and support? Check out our comparative review.

MaidThis Franchise

Estimated Startup Costs (all in): $45.000 to $80.000

Royalty/Service Fee: 6%

Territory Size: TBD, typically over 100,000 households

Available Territories: See below graph

Work from Home: Yes


Molly Maid Franchise

Estimated Startup Costs (all in): 110,200 to $155,200

Royalty/Service Fee: 3 – 6.5%

Territory Size: typically 45,000 to 65,000

Available Territories: Territories by U.S. Zip Codes

Work from Home: No

What can you expect from Molly Maid?

As a longstanding franchise, Molly Maid takes a traditional, less personalized approach. The lack of focus on you could make the requirements and challenges of your share of the work bigger. The recognized franchise comes with built-in residential market potential which is its sole focus. While convenient, this is somewhat limiting and leaves less room for innovation, profit, experimenting and learning. Still, the game rules are instructive and clearly defined. The customer retention rate is high, but so are the stakes, as initial costs run between 110 and 155 k.

Gain the competitive edge

Lower costs

A modest investment is all it takes to join the MaidThis Franchise and enter the thriving cleaning industry.

No hassle

Joining a dynamic established franchise means less downtime, less work and less stress.

Multiple Profit Streams

You get to go after the thriving Airbnb/vacation rental market AND residential cleaning. Double your income streams.

“I get the picture, but what does that mean for me?”

This is all here to say one thing: now is the time to think and act outside the box and seize the opportunity in both the residential and the vacation rental cleaning niche market.
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Make the most of a franchise tailored to you and your way of life. Take advantage of our competitive start-up rates, vast territorial coverage, and the outstanding reputation of our growing network which caters to the needs of two niches with major profit potential.

Focus your resources on a franchise that means business and has a high customer retention rate. Do not miss out on the opportunity to explore the hot niche markets of the vacation and short-term rental cleaning industry.

Ongoing support

We are passionate about the future we can build together. Rely on our long-term commitment to you and make the most of our unreserved training and post-training support and guidance in the ever-growing cleaning industry. We will act as your safety net to save you time with the help of our established digital presence and clever marketing tactics to help you explore growth opportunities in our select niches.

Enjoy flexibility

Whether you plan on running the business full-time or on the side, working from the comfort of home or from the privacy of an office, MaidThis Franchise fits the bill. As a modern franchise, we are all about flexibility. Build yourself a dynamic yet productive work environment and set the wheels in motion for business stability and prosperity. Good things come to those in it for the long haul. We know we are. Are you?

Affordable start-up cost

What makes joining the MaidThis Franchise a cost-effective solution is the combination of affordable startup costs which also buy you comprehensive support and guidance. MaidThis Franchise focuses on not one but two distinct yet equally hot niches within the cleaning industry: residential cleaning and vacation rental cleaning. This potentially translates into a dual source of stable revenue.

Joining the MaidThis Franchise comes with all these awesome perks. Our step-by-step process leaves little room for uncertainty. We know what we’re doing and pretty soon, you will, too!

Available U.S. Territories

Looking to start a franchise in one of the GREEN states below? Perhaps you are looking to start a Tampa-based cleaning franchise or set up a cleaning franchise that covers the territory of West Palm Beach, FL? Let’s discuss our amazing franchise opportunities in the green areas: the in-demand house cleaning market and the emerging vacation rental cleaning niche market. We may also expand to the remaining states in the future, so stay tuned.

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Map of the United States

Our core values

MaidThis Franchise operates by the principles of professionalism, honesty, integrity and transparency. This not only keeps the business alive and kicking, but also showcases our profound commitment to strong customer care. On top of that, we’re not some cookie-cutter franchise and we strive to keep things engaging and interesting at all times.

Set Up a Game Plan

Turn your franchise into a dynamic environment and enjoy a fulfilling overall experience. We can help you set up a game plan and follow through. Learn from the best while keeping your eyes on the prize.

Own It

Making the customers’ lives hassle-free lies at the core of our philosophy. Own your part in the process and enjoy the comfort of being part of a long-running success story that is the MaidThis Franchise.

Promises Kept

Take the MaidThis path. We bring you the promising prospects of long-term security and dependable support. As a continually growing business, we are committed to doing our homework to take impactful, meaningful steps and make sound financial decisions.

Constant Improvement

Ongoing improvement is instrumental in maintaining a sharp competitive edge, which is why our work never stops. Since our focus extends beyond the residential market, we are already the leader in the U.S. vacation rental cleaning industry.