5 Problems in the Cleaning Industry & How to Avoid Them

Similarly to running any other business, owning a cleaning service comes with a variety of risks. You have to navigate the market wisely and always be a step ahead of the competition. Making it in the cleaning industry is tricky but it can be very rewarding if you succeed. 

Apart from looking into the practices of successful businesses and following their example, it’s also worth investigating what puts cleaning companies out of work. With this information, you’ll know what to be on the lookout for. Read on to find out how to steer clear of common pitfalls of the industry.

Why do cleaning businesses fail?

Why do cleaning businesses failNow that you have the cleaning tools to get you started and know all about cleaning business requirements as well as how to calculate your prices, it’s only smooth sailing from here on, isn’t it? Unfortunately, this may not be the case. There are several issues that may crop up in the course of your day-to-day business operations. 

1. No clear business strategy

A lack of a solid business plan can be a huge hindrance to the growth of a business. After all, if you don’t know where you’re headed, how are you going to get there? The plan should include important details, such as your client profile, yearly financial forecasts, exit strategy, and how to outplay your main competitors. 

2. No feasible marketing plan

Some cleaning business owners rely too heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations, which are invaluable, but not nearly enough to earn top dollar. Ideally, you will employ several marketing methods, both offline and online. A marketing strategy needs to cover the amount of money you’re able to spend on advertising, your market area, target market, and a schedule for every marketing activity.

3. Skimping on the essentials

Many new cleaning businesses operate on a tight budget. However, if you fail to make a few key investments, the chances are that the quality of your work will be compromised. An owner of a cleaning business needs to cover many expenses, like legal services, office space rent, cleaning supplies, travel expenses, bookkeeping, marketing, and others.

4. Employee vetting & training

Your cleaners are the face of your business, so failing to select the right people for the team can be another potential stumbling block. The company will inspire more trust if you have a stringent selection process in place. It’s best if the process includes a background check, in-person interviews, and skill assessment. The employees should be instructed on how to perform their duties. It’s also advisable for their performance to be consistently monitored.

5. Ignoring the competitors

Not taking note of your competitors’ activity can prove to be a gross oversight. Understanding what other successful businesses in your area do may give you ideas on how to improve your services. Investigate their pricing, services they offer, their target market, strong points and shortcomings, and other features.

How do I get all the perks of owning a cleaning service?

How do I get all the perks of owning a cleaning serviceIf you’d rather not face these possible risks on your own, a reputable franchise can give you an important competitive advantage. With the backing of an industry-savvy team at MaidThis Franchise, you’ll conduct great business while keeping stress levels at a minimum.

Get an introduction to the cleaning industry with our initial training and stay on top of the latest trends in the business through our consistent guidance. Rely on our cutting-edge software to keep you all caught up with clients, staff, and suppliers. You don’t have to waste time on long commutes either because our franchisees work online from their homes across the US. 

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