The Advantage of a Remote Business

It was only some years ago when remote work was an exotic possibility, known only by rumor to some.  Today almost everyone knows at least one person who works or who has worked remotely. This opportunity isn’t only for the worker, however.  Business owners can choose to make themselves (and their teams) remote too.

Advantages of Remote Work

At the core of remote work is the changeover from “I’m watching you” management style to “I trust you” management reality.  The advantages of remote work combine with that trust to create a possibly ideal work environment for those with the discipline to take advantage of it.

  • Autonomy.  You always said you wanted to create an ideal work day.  Remote work lets you do that. You may need to be available within a certain window and you may need to complete certain tasks, but you can do it in an environment that works best for you.
  • Freedom.  You do not have to live in a particular geographic area.  You can go and live where you would like to, given visa and budget considerations.  You can flee winter or chase summer (and vice versa) as much as you would like.
  • Flexibility.  Just because you have the freedom to be remote doesn’t mean you need to become a digital nomad, sending selfies of yourself on a laptop by the beach to the whole world.  You may just like the idea of being able to go somewhere away from your homebase for an extended amount of time without having to lose your income from work.

Advantages of a Remote Business

On the other side of remote work is the remote employer, who has his/her own benefits from having a remote team.  Here are just a few:

  • Larger Labor Pool.  Why be restricted to only hiring from those who live in your town, county, state, or even country?  Technology allows you to hire from all over the world. Why not use that to bring in the most qualified team members?
  • Lower Costs.  The reality of remote work is that you are able to offer lower salaries because there are so many applicants who are willing to accept them in trade for the flexibility of remote work.  This may change in time as remote work becomes more widespread, but for now its a reality that business owners can take advantage of to grow their new companies.
  • Broader Perspectives.  With a global labor pool necessarily comes greater cultural awareness and broader thinking when it comes to various projects and problems.  No company ever suffered from having perspectives that take into account other cultures and realities.
  • Better Employees.  Because employees are required to be unsupervised, only the best survive and thrive in a remote environment.  A remote employee, unlike a traditional one, has to be able to do work, sometimes for weeks at a time, without any direct oversight from you.  This makes them better oriented around problem solving, efficiency, and communication.

An Opportunity

There are many remote jobs available these days.  Many more than used to be available and many more will be available in the years ahead.  But fully remote businesses, much less fully remote franchises, with systems in place to help you manage fully remote teams?  There aren’t many of those, but MaidThis is one of those. There’s no need to wait for the future to bring you a fully remote franchise opportunity: it’s here now.