MaidThis Franchise vs. Two Maids & A Mop Franchise: a Comparison

Thinking about joining a house cleaning franchise, but don’t know which one would bring you the most benefits in terms of initial cost, profit, and flexibility? Take a look at our comparative review!

MaidThis Franchise

Estimated Startup Costs (all in): Estimated Startup Costs (all in): $45.000 to $80.000

Royalty/Service Fee: Royalty/Service Fee: 6%

Territory Size: Territory Size: TBD, typically over 100,000 households

Available Territories: Available Territories: See below graph

Work from Home: Work from Home: Yes


Two Maids & A Mop

Estimated Startup Costs (all in): Estimated Startup Costs (all in): $61,435 - $134,885

Royalty/Service Fee: Royalty/Service Fee: 6%

Territory Size: Territory Size: 160,000 households on average

Available Territories: Available Territories: all 48 states

Work from Home: Work from Home: No

What is Two Maids & A Mop about?

As one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in the U.S., Two Maids & A Mop certainly does some things right. In addition to the high-growth rate, the franchise boasts high customer retention rates, as well as relies on an innovative lead generation formula. However, Two Maids & A Mop is an exclusively residential cleaning franchise, which can rob you of the opportunity to explore the thriving Airbnb/vacation rental cleaning market. Some other things to keep in mind include the substantial start-up cost and the lack of a fully remote work option.

Join a thriving cleaning franchise

Modest investment

Joining the MaidThis Franchise requires a reasonable investment, yet brings a great profitability potential.

Maximum flexibility

With our work from home option, you’ll get to run your business remotely and effectively, with zero hassle and stress.

Multiple income streams

With the MaidThis Franchise, you get the chance to thrive in both the residential and the vacation rental cleaning market.

“Enough with the plain facts. What do they mean for ME?”

We’ve provided all these fancy stats to emphasize one thing: there are incredible opportunities for growth in both the house cleaning AND the quickly growing vacation rental cleaning market.
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Discover the perks of joining a cleaning franchise that keeps your best interest in mind from the get-go. Enjoy our reasonable start-up costs, personalized approach, multiple profit streams, and exceptional territorial coverage.

Explore the opportunities in the hot niche vacation rental market and the thriving residential cleaning industry.

Personalized support

MaidThis Franchise is fully dedicated to helping you make it in the vacation rental and residential cleaning industry. Get expert training and post-training guidance and learn effective marketing tactics to seize the best growth opportunities. We’ll be with you every step of the way, acting as your safety net and saving you precious time and effort. We’re focused on helping YOU thrive and find success.

Flexible operations

Flexibility is one of our strongest suits here at MaidThis Franchise. We give you a chance to either run your business from an office or from the comfort of your own home, whether you choose to make your cleaning business a full-time endeavor or a side job. With us, you can create a highly dynamic and productive environment for yourself and establish a prosperous cleaning business.

Cost-effective solution

At MaidThis Franchise, we enable you to explore the hot niche markets of the residential and the vacation rental cleaning industry with a modest initial investment. On top of that, you get low overhead costs as well as continuous guidance and support from the leading experts in the industry. Why wait? Get in touch with us and start exploring your opportunities for growth today.

Joining our cleaning franchise brings you a multitude of benefits. We minimize inconvenience and uncertainty by relying on a streamlined step-by-step process and offering personalized support.

Available U.S. Territories

Wondering if you could start a successful cleaning business in Tampa or any other state? We currently offer franchise opportunities in the states highlighted in GREEN, but we plan to expand to other states as well. 

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Core MaidThis values

When deciding on a franchise to join, it is important to explore the core values of each franchise and pick the one that suits your lifestyle the best. Whether you’re wondering whether to join the Molly Maid Franchise or work with MaidThis or just want to know what sets us apart, take a look at our defining characteristics and see why we’re not your cookie-cutter cleaning franchise.

Dynamic environment

We can help you create a positive and dynamic work environment and provide you with a personalized experience that maximizes your chances of success. We’re at your beck and call all the way through.

Convenient process

We’re all about flexibility here at MaidThis Franchise. We want you to be able to run a thriving business without stress, working from the comfort of your own home and focusing on what matters to YOU.

Keeping our promises

We are committed to providing you with dependable expert support and promising growth opportunities every step of the way. Take the first steps to success in the MaidThis way.

Continuous growth

Thanks to our dedication and our focus that extends beyond the house cleaning market, we’ve become a leading name in the vacation rental/Airbnb cleaning industry.