The Perfect Storm

We’re in the middle of what we like to call “The Perfect Storm” of business growth opportunity. Due to COVID, cleaning has never been in higher demand!

RAPID growth in the vacation rental market, fueled by Airbnb® and other online short-term rental websites.

GAME CHANGING marketing tactics and business processes that make it easier than ever to build businesses and dominate old-school industries.

INCREASING consumer demand for websites that make online bookings and automated reservations a breeze.

A NEW AGE of work, enabling owners and team members to collaborate remotely.

We’re hand-selecting motivated and serious entrepreneurs to take advantage of this HUGE industry growth opportunity, using all of the systems and tools that we’ve spent years perfecting. You won’t need to make your own mistakes: we’ve already made them for you AND solved them!

If you’re a motivated entrepreneur and want to build your own freedom, read on!

The Industry

The concept of cleaning isn’t something new…it’s been around a long time and a part of household chores since the caveman days. The vacation rental industry, on the other hand, has had HUGE changes recently. Thanks to the emergence of Airbnb®, VRBO®, and other tech platforms, it’s growing at double-digit growth in inventory every year and is now valued at over $200 BILLION (yes you read that right!).

777 million

number of vacation rental users in 2019 alone

$68 billion

revenue generated by the cleaning industry annually

$17 billion

amount of vacation rental revenue in the US alone

About Vacation Rental

To give you more perspective, it took Hilton Hotels 100 years to get to 750,000 rooms across 100 countries. Airbnb went over a million rooms in 190 countries in one tenth of that time. That fast enough for you?

Vacation rental isn’t just a fad for two reasons:

  • Bloomberg did a study that showed that those who indicated they “preferred traditional hotels” to vacation rentals dropped in half after those guests had stayed in a vacation rental for the first time.
  • More than 75% of Gen Z travelers reported that they have stayed in a vacation rental at least once.

Once people have experienced a vacation with more freedom and luxury, be it a little thing like having a kitchen or a big thing like having a separate living space apart from a bedroom, it’s hard to go back to traditional hotel rooms. Expectations have shifted, and so has the revenue.

About Cleaning Services

More than 90% of the cleaning market is serviced by small owner-operators. They are small, in part, because they often provide “good enough” service, but not anything that customers rave about. Worse, these owner-operators make life harder for themselves through poor use of technology, inconsistent marketing, and an uneven quality of cleaning.

In short – most small local cleaning company owners don’t have much experience in terms of marketing or business systems.

“Alright enough with the fancy stats.
What does this mean for ME?”

All those fancy stats are there to say on one thing....there is a TREMENDOUS opportunity right now in both cleaning AND in the vacation rental industry.
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Millions of new vacation rentals have popped up in record time. This is BRAND NEW pool of customers who need cleaning services. Who is going to provide it for them?

Vacation rental hosts now want HOTEL-STANDARD cleaning, and regular cleaning companies just aren’t cutting it.


Hotel-standard cleaning has never been in higher demand (and growing every year!). Hosts want to use their time adding additional inventory or hosting their guests, not doing cleanings.


Customers now want a tech-friendly, set-it-and-forget-it, convenient way to schedule. They have been trained by companies like Amazon to expect this level of service across multiple channels.


Most local cleaning companies are low tech and terrible at marketing. Only a little more than half of them even have websites. You can guess what they might answer to questions about google adwords, email open rate, and conversion numbers: nada.

When you combine these forces’ve got yourself one heck of an opportunity. And that’s where MaidThis comes in.

With the MaidThis system, you’ll be able to leverage the most recent technological practices and ability to build remote teams to take advantage of this HUGE opportunity in a lean and cost-efficient way:

  • Top of the line software tech and processes that we’ve learned by study (and plenty of trial-and-error)
  • Systems to hire a GLOBAL team and manage them remotely (practice, not theory)
  • Kick-ass marketing tactics that blow away the local cleaning competition (once again utilizing technology to create exponential growth)
  • Specializing in the UNTAPPED vacation rental cleaning market (there’s no better time to get started.

Available US Territories

Are you in a market that perfect for a MaidThis Franchise? We’re currently offering franchise opportunities in the GREEN states below, but may be expanding to other states soon.

Inquire now!

Map of the United States

Fill Out The Form And Build Your Freedom:

The Process

the process

Step 1: Tell Us About You

We want to get to know YOU better: what got you interested in this opportunity, why you want to get into entrepreneurship, why you think Windex is the best invention since sliced bread (just kidding), what you feel you bring to the table, and what your vision is for yourself and MaidThis.

Step 2: Learn About The Business

Next you’ll hop on a presentation call to provide you with an overview of the important parts of the business, industry, etc. This step allows you to get a better sense of the nuts and bolts of our systems, and will also allow our team to get to know you better.

If we both agree that this is a good fit, you’ll move onto Step 3.

Step 3: Read the FDD

No one wakes up wanting to read long legal documents. BUT the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) gives you the most important and specific details about what you should expect to spend starting up the business and what you will be expected to pay as a franchisee, among many other things.

Step 4: A Day In The Life

If you’ve made it this for, now is time for you to check out how to run a FULLY REMOTE, GLOBAL team. You’ll get to shadow the existing operations team of a MaidThis franchise location and check out what you’d need to do day-in and day-out.

Step 5: Sign Agreement

We remember those school days when we were told bad things might go on our “permanent record.” But when we get to be adults, those “permanent record” days can be ones of real joy and excitement, like when you get to sign on the dotted line to become a franchisee and begin building a business with us. As we grow, so will you, and vice versa. We can’t wait to welcome you into the family!

Step 6: Build Your Future

No one wakes up wanting to read long legal documents. BUT the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) gives you the most important and specific details about what you should expect to spend starting up the business and what you will be expected to pay as a franchisee, among many other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only if you want to. One of the advantages of having a fully remote business is being able to office where you want — with the cost savings that go along with that choice. Want to work from your home office? Go for it. Want to open up an office location so you can work alongside your team in person? Totally fine!

You will be able to generate all the business you need by using technology and always have the means of email or telephone to communicate with your clients and staff. The choice is yours.

As is the case with many things in life, some kind of background in the industry certainly would help, but it is by no means necessary. MaidThis, like most franchises, has a set of procedures and systems that consistently work, and as long as you understand the whys and hows of that system, you’ll be able to competently run and grow your business.

You’ll receive five days of training at our corporate headquarters in California.

While franchises have been around for some time, a fully remote franchise opportunity hasn’t really been possible until recent years. MaidThis provides just such an opportunity, and not just in any sector, but in one that is predicted to grow and thrive for many years. This isn’t just an opportunity for you as an owner, but for those who will work for you. Having access to a global labor pool means that you can use market efficiencies to find great talent at fractions of the price you would have to pay in the United States.

Our franchising operations began in 2019, but the first company-owned location opened in 2013.

Vacation rental is an “unlocked secret,” like Peter Thiel referred to in his book Zero to One.  

Once people realized that unused space was a commodity that could be sold to willing buyers, everything was up for grabs.  Uber, Lyft, and Grab have built massive transportation businesses around “unused space.” Coworking spaces and cafes accommodated the many freelancers and solopreneurs who wanted to work outside of their homes.  And now Airbnb®, VRBO®, Homeaway, and others have completed disrupted the old-school hotel industry.  

The secret has been unlocked, the public knows about it, and there is no going back.  

As the old saying goes, “a rising tide raises all ships”. Those, like us, who provide necessary services, will be able to go along for that ride and prosper along the way.

After signing your agreement, we estimate your startup window will take between 2 to 3 months.

Yup! But we would have to approve any such decision, and additional franchise fees will be required.

Our estimates are anywhere between $47,600 and $63,550, which includes your franchisee fee and other costs. While certain costs, like our franchise fee, are set, others will depend on your own preferences and specific growth path. For example, if you choose to have some kind of external office space, that will cost more than if you have a home office. You may also live in a locality in which accounting and legal services, which you will certainly need, may cost more or less than in other places.

Indeed it is! And this is what differentiates us from so many other opportunities. Every component of our business can be run remotely (minus the cleaning of course!) from any part of the world that has internet access. That not only gives you the opportunity to build a business and income stream, but also a chance to live and work where you wish.

The initial franchise fee is $35,000, though any location in which a veteran is a majority owner may receive a 15% discount off the first franchise fee only.  Ongoing costs include, but are not limited to:


  • Royalty and advertising fees to be paid to MaidThis
  • Costs for software used for your MaidThis business, which will increase as you bring on more customers
  • Costs for your home office
  • Accounting and Legal fees
  • Insurance and Business license costs

At this time we do not offer any direct financing to our franchisees.

Your initial term is five years and you may renew for three successive terms, as long as you meet certain benchmarks and conditions.

Click here (link to XQ) and one of our team will get back to you. If you’re really ready to get moving on this opportunity, click here (link to XQ+).

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