How to Make My Cleaning Business Stand Out?

How to Make My Cleaning Business Stand Out?

Building a professional cleaning business that stands out from the competition is something every owner strives for. This is achievable if you and your employees are ready to be creative and go the extra mile for the customers. Whether you’re running your own business or looking for commercial and house cleaning franchises for sale in Austin and the surrounding areas, you should focus on making your services unique and client-centered.

We know it’s not easy to come up with innovative ideas which is why we’ve prepared a couple of things you can focus on. 

What do customers want from a cleaning company?

The things that will help you attract customers and stand out from the competitors are the following: 

Impeccable customer service

Focus on listening to your customers’ needs carefully and make sure you always provide them with the best service possible. Pay attention to detail so you don’t overlook the little things and focus on the special requests, too. If your approach is client-centered and you fulfill the promises when you sanitize, your customers will notice your effort and wish to hire you again. 

Respond quickly and communicate effectively

Make sure you respond quickly to your client’s calls and provide them with prompt and swift service. Make an effort to get a polite and capable customer service team that can dedicate their time to the phones. These technicians should know all of the clean-up terms and definitions so they’re able to provide the necessary information. Communicate with your clients before and after the service to make sure you’ve performed the tasks per their expectations. 

Hire trustworthy and qualified staff

The staff you hire will represent your company in front of your clientele which is why your team should consist of professionals that are trusted, seasoned, dedicated, and responsible in what they do. Screen your applicants stringently and make sure they are qualified and well-versed in their trade. In addition, your experts should be trained to follow safety measures and procedures to ensure you avoid any accidents

Be flexible

Make sure it’s possible to easily change the cleaning schedule. If you offer additional services, make sure you determine how often these services will be needed. If you’re asked to meet a reasonable additional requirement from time to time, make sure you try to accommodate it, especially if it takes just a few more minutes of your time. This way you’ll show you deeply care about your customers’ satisfaction.

A professional and easy-to-use website

Make your own professional and user-friendly website with all the necessary information. Use social media and other marketing tools to show your clients you have what they’re looking for. Add trust-building features such as client reviews and testimonials, and include the “about us” section where you’ll write a story about your journey and show how much you care about your job.

Where can I find one of the best house cleaning franchises for sale in Austin and the area?

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