Cleaning Standards and Certifications: A Guide

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest industry standards as a cleaning business owner, it’s a good idea to research and find out what organizations offer certification programs in your industry. 

One of the most important ones for the cleaning industry are the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) and the CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard). If you’re just starting your business, these certifications can help you set high standards right from the beginning. 

If you already own a business in Ogden or another part of VA, these certifications can help you improve upon your current program and cover anything from vacation rental sanitization to home cleaning, whether with the help of a franchise or individually.

What are ISSA standards?

The International Sanitary Supply Association, or ISSA, is a leading trade association for the cleaning industry. The ISSA develops standards and best practices for cleaning products and services and provides education and training resources for professionals in the field.

Hygiene Hazard Group

One of the key standards set by the ISSA is the “Hygiene Hazard Group” classification system. This system categorizes cleaning products and chemicals according to their potential health hazards.

They’re categorized from Group A (lowest hazard) to Group D (highest hazard). This helps professionals choose the products and procedures that best fit the needs of their clients. 

Methods, equipment and training

In addition to product classification, the ISSA also sets standards for cleaning methods, equipment, and training. Some of the key aspects that it focuses on are the frequency of cleaning and supplies:

  • Frequency: In general, ISSA standards specify how often a given area should be cleaned, and what cleaning methods should be used. For example, bathrooms should be cleaned at least once per day, and common areas should be vacuumed daily. 
  • Equipment: In addition, ISSA standards also specify what kind of cleaning products should be used in each situation. For example, restrooms should be cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner, while kitchens should be cleaned with a degreaser. 

What does CIMS stand for in the cleaning industry?

CIMS, or the Certified Industry Management Standard, is a voluntary certification program for cleaning companies. The program is designed to help companies improve their operations and meet the needs of their customers. This is a proven program with a long history of success and it is:

  • Backed by a rigorous assessment process that covers all aspects of your business
  • Widely recognized as the gold standard in the cleaning industry
  • Increasingly being used by businesses as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors

How long is CIMS certification good for?

The CIMS cleaning certification is valid for three years. After that, certification holders must renew their certification by completing an online refresher course. The course reviews the core concepts of the CIMS standard and updates participants on any changes that have been made since they last took the course.

Once they have completed the refresher course, participants can take the CIMS recertification exam. Certification holders who do not renew their certification within three years will need to retake the initial CIMS certification exam. 

Taking the refresher course and exam every three years helps to ensure that certified professionals are up-to-date on best practices in cleaning and are able to provide safe and effective services.

Where in Ogden and the rest of VA can I join a vacation rental franchise?

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