Why Clients Choose MaidThis

When people first get into vacation rental they are excited about making money from a property they are in charge of.  But almost no one says, “I can’t wait to clean my rental property after each guest!” But cleanliness is perhaps the most important component of a successful vacation rental property, and if hosts learn that early on.  

The Reality of Cleaning

Unless we were born into a royal family, we are likely to have had a fair amount of experience with cleaning in our lives.  It’s something that we have to do, not often something we love to do. There is a segment of the population who actually does like to clean.  They like to clean so much, actually, that it’s not enough that they do it for themselves, they do it for others, professionally. You may have found one of those cleaners yourself, so why choose MaidThis?

An Individual Cleaner is a Single Point of Failure

There are amazing individual cleaners!  They may have worked in a community for years.  But they are just individuals, meaning that like the rest of us, sometimes they get sick, or have a problem with their transportation, or have standard emergencies.  The problem is that vacation rentals usually don’t have a lot of tolerance for those challenges. Guests expect to check in on time to a clean and ready place. They don’t care about your excuses, and worse, this will reflect on your reviews, only making it more difficult for you to attract good and frequent rentals.

MaidThis Guarantees Our Cleaners

So, part of why customers come to us (which they sometimes do when their trusted-for-years cleaner decides to move out of town) is to get away from a single point of failure.  With us they not only have a primary cleaner assigned from day one, but also a backup. We also have other members of the team who can come should something happen to the backup.  Anyway, that’s our concern, so we guarantee that you won’t be no-showed, ever.  

We also happen to clean at hotel-standard quality, which isn’t always available from standard cleaners or mom and pop shops, but which is absolutely vital in the vacation rental world.  We also have automated booking and billing, so you don’t need to worry about telling us when the next guest is arriving and when the last one left. We’ll also give you pictures of how we cleaned as well as any damage we noticed from your last guests.  Of course it’s easy for us to say these things, but you don’t have to take our word for it, you can check us out on Google Reviews, Yelp, or see those who were so happy with our work they did video testimonials for us on Youtube.

Franchise Opportunity

But if you’re reading this, you might be interested in being part of the solution.  The reality is that there are many individual cleaners and mom and pop operations who are just not providing the hotel-quality level of service that vacation rental demands.  But that’s okay because that’s where we come in, to make sure that market is addressed at world-class level.