Our Strategy

“During a Gold Rush, Sell Shovels”

Remember sitting in your 4th grade class and learning about the California Gold Rush?

Fun fact about the Gold Rush: the people to make the MOST MONEY were the ones selling shovels, NOT the ones digging for gold. Want proof?

  • Henry Wells and William Fargo left their homes and lived on the East Coast of America to found a bank branch in San Francisco.
  • Phillip Armour, who would go on to found a meatpacking empire, got his start operating the sluices that controlled the water flow into the rivers that miners worked.
  • A German tailor named Levi Strauss first arrived in San Francisco planning to sell canvas tarps and wagon coverings when he found out that work pants that could survive the punishing life of miners were in high demand. He decided to serve them instead.

We are leveraging the newest technology and software to create a, LOW COST, FULLY REMOTE franchise that means you can get into the shovel and pickaxe game for this new vacation rental gold rush!

We do this by:

Cutting Edge Software: Using technology that automates processes for our clients, our vendors, and our team members. Client RAVE about the automation that our systems provides. We train you in these simple software applications until you know them backwards and forwards.

Remote Systems: Using systems that allow you to be fully remote from day one. This isn’t theory for us. We’ve been running multiple MaidThis locations remotely for literally years now. You get access to our playbook and training on how to do this yourself!

Global Team: Leveraging location independence in hiring: using a global labor pool to create hiring efficiencies in pay. Our Los Angeles location, for example, has support staff based in Honduras, Panama, Mexico and South Africa, among other countries No need to overpay to find someone in your neighborhood…you can get the best talent around the WORLD with our system

Community Engagement: At some point the gold rush will end and law and order will be established. The best way to be part of that new order is to be part of the advocacy and outreach efforts in your local community. We have pioneered innovative ways to network and create goodwill in individual communities.

You want to be your own boss, have your own time (and location!) freedom, and build wealth.

Why re-invent the wheel?


Get in at the start of the gold rush.
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How It All Began...

The year is 2013. Our founder, Neel Parekh, was working the corporate grind at a venture capital firm and exploring different side hustles to help fulfill his dream: location independence.

One day, while browsing entrepreneurial ideas on Reddit.com, Neel discovered a post talking about how to start a cleaning company. As a test, Neel ordered a cleaning service and realized how TERRIBLE existing cleaning providers are. No automated online payment? No online booking? Marketing with physical flyers? What year were we in, the Stone Ages?!

A lightbulb went off and Neel decided to launch a cleaning service with a twist: it would be a cleaning service made for the NEW generation and using all NEW marketing tactics and automation that none of the existing companies were doing.

Thus, MaidThis was born!

Two years later (during which he acquired the nickname “Drug Dealer” for spending his entire lunch break walking around on the phone, building MaidThis), he quit his full-time job and made his side hustle his full-time pursuit.

Originally MaidThis was the newest of many local cleaning businesses, but more and more clients asked for help cleaning an Airbnb®. Being a baby entrepreneur, at first Neel would say, “Nah that’s not really our thing,” and tried to continue a broad strategy. But then he started doing a bit of research: by allowing MaidThis to specialize in vacation rental cleanings, not only would a solid revenue stream develop, but one that was destined to ride on the rocket-like growth of Airbnbs! MaidThis got into vacation rental cleanings in a big way.

Side-by-side with getting on the vacation rental bandwagon was exploiting the weaknesses of the providers in the cleaning space. The local cleaning industry is very fragmented, with lots of mom and pop operators who still utilize old ways of doing business — which have their place! — but left them very vulnerable on the technology side. Neel leaned MaidThis into those techniques, growing the company quickly but methodically. It was a real chance to “clean up” on the competition (sorry, we couldn’t resist!).

Years passed and Neel added new team members and expanded into new markets, where they refined systems and tweaked profitability. He also traveled around the world, testing the premise that the MaidThis opportunity was something fully remote, that could be operated in the US, Asia, South America, or Europe, just to name a few of the places he went to.

In 2020, the team felt ready, and a new company was formed to franchise the MaidThis model everywhere.

Learn more about Neel here: www.neelparekh.co

Who We Are

Our Leadership Team has been working with MaidThis for years and is committed to the success of each franchisee.

Neel Parekh,



Sales Manager

What Our Clients Say

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Lauren Gibson from Guestable

Guestable’s Results

  • Increase in revenue
  • Increase in positive reviews
  • Happy guests
  • Rentals cleaned to a high standard by professionals

How MaidThis helped Guestable

  • An easy scheduling system
  • Assigns highly trained, professional cleaners
  • Excellent support service
  • Affordable, consistent pricing with no surprises
  • Notifications, confirmation pictures and feedback


Increase in Reservations

1.5 single-star

Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

“I definitely think that as a company we've been able to make more money, not only because we're saving money by using Maid This, but also because they're helping take a few of the necessary evils with doing vacation rentals off of the property managers plate.” Laura G, Los Angeles, CA

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Davida, Individual Host

Davida’s Results

  • Ability to grow to 9 listings
  • Scaled her property management business
  • Looking to expand even more

How MaidThis helped Davida

  • Multiple primary cleaners, always has a backup
  • Allowed her to focus on Airbnb® management, not cleaners
  • Allowed Davida to take same-day check in cleanings, which was not done before


Increase in Reservations

100+ single-star

Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

“One of the biggest benefits to MaidThis’ software is that it’s linked to the Airbnb® calendar, and it instantly creates a cleaning schedule which takes a ton of work and pressure and thinking out of managing things.” Davida H

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Elizabeth K, Individual Host

Elizabeth’s Results

  • Fully remotely managed operation
  • Ability to grow to 7 listings
  • Increase in positive reviews

How MaidThis helped Elizabeth

  • Finding highly trained, professional cleaners for her, as she is out of state
  • Ability to grow without hiring a property manager
  • Notifications, confirmation pictures and feedback


Increase in Reservations

1 single-star

Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

“Fortunately, I came across MaidThis and that was the biggest hurdle. I mean, I can decorate any place in no time, but obviously, in this business, a partnership with the right cleaners is very pivotal, especially if you’re trying to scale your business.” Elizabeth K

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Plushy Host, Property Manager

Plushy Hosts’ Results

  • Saved a $30,000/mo revenue property
  • Scaled roster of properties without worrying about finding cleaners
  • Expanded geographies

How MaidThis helped Plushy

  • Flexibility in finding cleaners for their unique property setup
  • Allowed Plushy to easily manage high-volume properties due to smooth turnover cleaning program
  • Multiple primary cleaners who know Plushy’s setup


Increase in Monthly Revenue

500+ single-star

Increase in Ratings


Cleanings Automated

“It's processes, procedures. MaidThis’s referral service is outstanding. You really are the exception to the rule. We wouldn’t be able to operate in San Francisco and Los Angeles if you guys didn’t have such great cleaners for us there“ Henry B

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