MaidThis Franchise vs. You’Ve Got Maids Franchise: a Comparison

Thinking of opening a franchise in the cleaning and maintenance industry? Weigh your options carefully to find out if your prospective new franchise has what it takes to outshine the competition. To find the perfect franchise, you need to decide what it is you really expect to get out of it? If you want to follow a proven system and make profit, yet enjoy a degree of flexibility and mobility, the MaidThis Franchise is an excellent choice. Can You’Ve Got Maids top that? Let’s dive deeper and find out from the review below.

MaidThis Franchise

Estimated Startup Costs (all in): $45.000 to $80.000

Royalty/Service Fee: 6%

Territory Size: TBD, typically over 100,000 households

Available Territories: See below graph

Work from Home: Yes


You’Ve Got Maids Franchise

Estimated Startup Costs (all in): $36.000 – $107.000

Royalty/Service Fee: 5.9 – 2.99%

Territory Size: 20,000 minimum, typically 40,000

Available Territories: approximately 50 locations nationwide

Work from Home: No

What can you expect from You’Ve Got Maids

As a franchise, You’Ve Got Maids has been around since 2010 and currently has 95 units across the U.S. Access to exclusive territories available for a fee. The term of agreement is 10 years so you may want to think it through before making the commitment. The eco-friendly franchise comes with some limitations: no opportunity for remote work and no expansion beyond the cleaning industry, so you will be missing out on potential revenue from Airbnb and vacation rental cleaning — a niche that is definitely here to stay.

Make a splash as a MaidThis franchise

Lower costs

We’re cost-effective: the MaidThis Franchise could be yours even on a limited budget. Our prices are transparent and competitive.

No hassle

Joining an established franchise means that half the work has been done for you: less downtime equals less stress and hassle.

More revenue

Enhance and double your stream of revenue to boost your profit and enjoy a fantastic sales-to-investment ratio while working remotely.

“Got it. But what does that mean for my bottom line?”

It essentially means that you have a unique, potentially life-changing business opportunity to serve both the constantly expanding residential cleaning market and the emerging Airbnb & vacation rental cleaning market and work remotely. The MaidThis Franchise also comes with a built-in reputation, so you may expect a higher customer retention rate based on that alone.
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You can have your cake and eat it too: the ever-growing MaidThis Franchise may have the winning strategy you have been waiting for. With competitive start-up costs, low overhead, high potential for revenue from a dual source of revenue, and vast territorial coverage, all you need to do is focus your energy on the business while we focus on all resources on you!

We won’t promise you an endless stream of profit from day one. We only make realistic promises we can keep because we know that prospective franchises who complete our step-by-step process what it takes to make the most of the potential offered by the MaidThis Franchise and the commitment to uphold the reputation of our franchise.

Ongoing support

No better way to put the odds in your favor than to team up with an experienced team. With us, there are no empty promises: our actions do speak louder than words. Set yourself up for success and enjoy a new and improved franchising experience. We will provide you with ongoing training and post-training support and share with you our experience-backed expertise to save you time and help you build a strong digital presence through savvy marketing.

Enjoy flexibility

We’ve created a more engaging, more interesting, and more dynamic business environment, by adding innovation to the mix and enabling franchisees to work full-time or part-time, free to work from an actual office or home-turned office. As a modern franchise, we recognize the need to adapt to the changing times and offer flexibility along with a proven system that functions like clockwork and has massive potential for long-term success.

Affordable start-up cost

In comparison to the potential for profit from dual sources of revenue you stand to gain by gaining access to two hot niches, becoming a MaidThis franchisee comes with affordable start-up costs and lower overhead. This includes the initial franchise fee and the costs needed to begin the operation of your new MaidThis franchise. You also get a bonus: ongoing assistance, support, and guidance. We’re in it for the long haul. Do you share our vision?

If that doesn’t sound persuasive enough, we have more tricks up our sleeve, otherwise the secret to the MaidThis Franchise success would no longer be a secret. We have answers, so ask away!

Available U.S. Territories

We offer exciting opportunities whether you have years of experience in managing a cleaning business and running a franchise or none at all. The process is simple and straightforward. If you’re motivated for success and want to set up a franchise in any of the GREEN states below, with the possibility to expand to the rest of the country going forward, we’re prepared to listen.

So let’s talk!


Our key assets

Integrity and professional approach to business, open and honest communication with current and prospective franchisees and a transparent step-by-step set-up process are our key assets. But while the competition is fierce in the cleaning business, with competitors such as The Cleaning Authority being a household name in the house cleaning industry, much like the increasingly successful Two Maids and a Mop franchise, for the fast-growing MaidThis Franchise family, the conventional cookie-cutter franchise concept was never an option. We had to spice things up, so we’ve concocted an innovative game plan which covers both the residential cleaning industry and the thriving vacation rental cleaning industry.

Set Up a Game Plan

Although the MaidThis Franchise is a modern franchise, we still do some things by the book: we’ll help you set up a carefully devised game plan that will help you maximize the potential to grow your network and make profit.

Be Part of a Success Story

We are firmly positioned in the residential market and have the leadership position in the U.S. Airbnb and vacation rental cleaning industry. This is our success story. Why not become a part of it?

Long-Term Potential

We are here to support you from day one, both with financing options and training and support based on our experience as a cleaning franchise. You have the opportunity to unlock the potential for long-term financial security, so seize it now!

Continual Growth

The MaidThis Franchise owes its success to continuous improvements which have paved the way for continual growth. We are committed to our work and we expect prospective franchisees to feel the same way.